Monday, June 18, 2007

Along the journey...

Yep that's where I am...somewhere along this grand journey...
I have to remind myself God never said this was going to be easy...
But this journey I am on is what I was created for...
Choosing good, choosing right, choosing GOD...
He had a plan for me even while I was in my mother's womb...
I want HIS plan for me...He knows better than I what is best for me...
He knows the plan for me much better than I do...He sees the bigger picture...
Sometimes I wish I could see it too...but I would understand it still...
And I wouldn't learn as much as I do just trusting him in blindness...
I need childlike how a child just follows along behind their mom...
No questions asked just goes...not needing to know why or when or what...
Just that they are loved, held, and in their presence...
That's what I need to do...just follow along, simply knowing...
That I am loved, held, and completely content to be in HIS presence...
Because HE is ALWAYS with me...He is always leading, if only I will follow...
It's not always easy when you cant see the path before you...
It's lighted as I go...moment by moment, piece by piece...I cant see the miles ahead...
I simply need trust and joy as my fuel to keep going...
I need to see HIM alone and hear HIS voice alone...
I am confident in HIS promises...I am just not so good at the waiting...
But I am going to be good at it again...YES I AM
So here I am along the journey...
God give me strength
God give me faith
God give me paitience
God give me joy
God give me contentment
Thank You
Abba Father
My Joy
My Strength
My All in All

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A mess

I am about to do something that is so very very hard
sometimes obediance is the hardest thing
and when you'll miss someone so much
when everything is going to change
I want to be done
I want to let go
I want to be OBEDIANT
I am at moments doubting I can do this
but I can
cause God is asking me to
and when he asks he doesnt let down
He wont leave me
He wont forsake me
He will be here
and when its all over and I have been obediant
it will be good
it will be better
its hard
im scared
it hurts
i am missing it already
this is so hard
i want to move on
i want what GOD has for me
i want to be obediant
i want to do whats right
i also want to just run
but i wont
i need to hear from you clearly God
please let me feel you here with me
please give me strength i can feel
peace i can feel
knowing i can feel
speak to me and let me hear
i need to hear you clearly
i need you
please be close
please give me words
your words
please give me stregth
help me to be done
i need to let go
i need you
only you can get me through this
touch me
speak to me
annoint me
let me walk in YOUR spirit
cover me
I need you!
in Jesus name