Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Dress Shopping

Oh wow!!

Had The most Amazing Day.

Have The most Amazing Moms.

Have The most Amazing Matron of Honor.

Found The most Amazing Dress.

Cried The most Amazing Tears.

Got to have all four moms there, my two and his two, his little sister and my Matron of Honor.

We all scoured the racks pulling out dresses. Tried on my favorite from online and the catalog first. A wave of emotion hit me. I was actually in a wedding dress. I cried. Felt Amazing in that dress. Could not believe how beautiful it was.

Tried on three of four more comparing them all to the first. When I put the first dress on again I weeped, so much emotion came over me. When I walked out in that dress the second time I knew it was the dress I would walk down the isle and marry Mr. Wonderful in. Everyone thought so too. Amazing that everyone felt the same way. My Dad and brother who stopped by even agreed. They were speechless!

From that point we just began to add things...and everyone knew when the piece was The one. The veil, the headpiece, the shoes, the jewelry. Amazing.

It all came together piece by piece. I cannot wait for our Wedding Day! I can't wait for the doors to open and to begin the walk down the aisle and see the look on my Forever's face.

I won't post pictures but trust me...Wow...

It was an amazing day and I am so touch by all who came and made it so special, it would not have been the same if anyone of them had not been there.

Thank you Father. Thank you Father. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Engagement Story.

The story that will prove how truly Wonderful Mr. Wonderful is...

I came home from two weeks of kids camp that Saturday, the day of our One Year anniversary. I had 24 hours at home before I had to be back at camp. Mr. Wonderful was taking me out that night.

I of course took forever getting ready and was a little late. Mr. Wonderful sat in the car and waited patiently for me.

We were at least 30 minutes late for our Reservations. Mr. Wonderful made reservations at this really nice restaraunt. We did get to eat there anyway, thankfully. (Now mind you I did not find out until later that we had reservations and that I had made us extremely late. Mr. Wonderful never showed a sign of anger.)

We had a sweet and extremely yummy dinner. I noticed how different our conversation was from a year ago when we were on our first date and how different it felt to be on a date for our One Year anniversary. Quite nice. No nerves just love. (Ok that was cheesy but oh so true!)

After our yummy and sweet dinner Mr. Wonderful took me to the drive in to watch a movie we had been wanting to see. Night at the Museum 2. (No we didn't go "parking", get your mind outta there!!!)

Here comes kink #2 in Mr. Wonderful's night...

Uuumm I fell asleep during the movie. Mr. Wonderful is such a sweetie though he didn't even wake me up, he let me sleep. Even though he was thinking that it may not be such a good night to follow through with his plan. I had been so sick and working so hard at camp I just could NOT keep my lil eyes open.

On the way home I was a little sleepy and tired...and well I was maybe more than a little grumpy...but I really was trying hard not to ruin our One Year anniversary date by being grumpy.

Mr. Wonderful passed the road to take me home. I came a little unglued then. Here's how it went down keep in mind I had grumpy all in my voice and Mr. Wonderful is as calm as can be...well on the outside anyway:

Mr. Wonderful: I'm just gonna ride up here for a minute
Mr. Wonderful: Do you need something from the store?
Me: NO. (Thinking: I NEED TO GO TO BED!)
Mr. Wonderful: Yeah
Me: (Thinking: I really need to quit being so grumpy I am going to ruin our One year anniversary date. Chill out Tabbie. Get a grip.)

Mr. Wonderful pulls into a parking lot at a bench in my little town we normally walk to and sit at. We had gone there after a date before so I thought nothing about it. At this point I was thinking that Mr. Wonderful was trying to wake me up so that I could go home and re-pack for camp. So we sit on our bench and I start chatting up a storm and Mr. Wonderful can't get a word in at all.

After a few minutes I bring up the fact that even though I want to get married in October that we are running out of time. Here's how that conversation goes:

Me: You know it's now four months to the time we talked about getting married. We may not have enough time to plan a wedding, we may have to think about maybe not being able to get married then.
Mr. Wonderful: Four months is enough time to plan a wedding.
Me: Four months would be but not three or two or one month.
Mr. Wonderful: Four months is enough time to plan a wedding.
Me: (I turned my head because I was getting grumpy...I was thinking didn't WE JUST talk about this.)

When I turned back to him he was on one knee...BE STILL MY HEART...yeah I believe it actually stopped.

Mr. Wonderful (on one knee shaking and teary eyed): Will you make me the happiest man in the world? Would you be my wife?
Me: Mouth gaping open...nothing coming out..............................................
Me: Is this for real?
Mr. Wonderful (shaking even more): Yes this is real. And I really need you to give me an answer here!
Me: Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!

Mr. Wonderful then slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger. And I laughed and cried all at the same time.

It took me hours to really believe it was real. I love my ring and I love my Mr. Wonderful. I know he loves me since he still asked me to marry him even while I was so grumpy and unpleasant and even when I didn't answer him.

Poor guy, I was late, fell asleep, grumpy, and kept him waiting forever wondering what I was going to say. And he is still going to marry me...OCTOBER 17th!!

I cannot wait to be this man's wife. He is Wonderful!

My Beautiful Ring.
The Newly Engaged Couple.

I really had no idea it was coming. Looking back there were clues but I just didn't pick up on them. I quit allowing myself to think about getting engaged cause I just kept being so sad when it didn't happen.

It was SUCH a Wonderful night. Perfect. WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!


It's just a Tuesday so here are some random thoughts...

*I am so loved by my Faithful Heavenly Father and I feel His love everyday.

*I love the Sunday School class that I just started helping teach.

*I loved doing Children's Church on Sunday. I loved feeling the Lord speak to me about what He wanted out of the service.

*I love the Mr. Wonderful is at Youth Camp.

*I love shopping with my Neesie.

*I do not like being the new person at work and that very few of the girls in my department actually talk to me.

*I am actually LOVING planning my wedding.

*I love my engagement ring.

*I adore sleeping and miss it alot.

*I am going shopping for my Wedding Dress on Sunday. I haven't gotten really excited yet.

*I am ready to get off work.

*Father's Day weekend was great beginning to end!

*UP is not worth the money.

*That's all for now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update

The weekend was great...a bit of a whirlwind...but a great one!

Friday after I got off work we headed to Mobile to visit my future in-laws.

We spent Friday night in the pool floating and relaxing with Mr. Wonderful's Dad & Stepmom...that is the most relaxed I have been in MONTHS!!! Alot of Months!!!!

Saturday we headed to see Mr. Wonderful's mom and had a yummy lunch of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and visiting with Mr. Wonderful's siblings.

We then headed back to his dad's to hang out with siblings and swim and have the most amazing dinner ever...we had Filets with Crab on top and grilled veggies and just so much yummy food.

We swam until we were all prunes...we had a blast.

We headed home late and I was definately so ready to be in my bed snoozing.

Sunday morning was just amazing. Our Children’s Pastor gave me the opportunity to do service Sunday and I was just blown away by what God did in our Sunday school class before service and then what He did in the service. God is so good and so faithful and I am very excited to see what God is up to and what He is going to do in Children’s Church!! I know that I know that I know that He is up to something.

Sunday afternoon Mr. Wonderful and I hung out with my parents for Father’s day and had a great time. I think Dad loved all of his Father’s day gifts. After lunch Mr. Wonderful, my brother, and I went to see the movie UP in 3D. I will just say that I was not greatly impressed and the 3D part was NOT worth the extra two dollars we paid for it. But it was nice to get some time with my brother.

We then had dinner with some friends and then made a quick run to Wal-Mart so that Mr. Wonderful could have everything he needed to go to Youth Camp.

Yep Mr. Wonderful is away for the week at Youth Camp. I am so excited that he gets to go to camp. He never got the opportunity to go when he was younger so I am glad he gets to go now.

Then it was off to dreamland for me.

Have I ever mentioned that I am OLD and I have to have my sleep? I miss out sometimes because I have to go to bed so much earlier. But I can’t help it; I have to have my sleep. So just call me old…well no…rather don’t call me old, cause even though I am and I act like an old lady…I sure don’t like to be called old. Lol

Well that’s it for my weekend update. It was a good weekend and I am looking forward to catching up on my sleep at some point.

I hope you all have a good week.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Update

* I am still working on the Engagement Story to post...hopefully this weekend...I have to tell the story right you know *wink*

*New job is going good, hopefully next week I will get to learn more, I have been doing mostly busy work this week as the girl who is training me has been on vacation.

*Wedding plans are coming along beautifully!! Getting so much done and checking things off my to-do list left and right. Mr. Wonderful is so helpful and has just been a blessing I can't even tell you!!!

*I am going NEXT SUNDAY to buy a WEDDING DRESS!!! Wow the day every girl waits for. I am so excited!! All the moms will be there (4) and my Matron of Honor (referee if needed).

*Short engagements really ARE the BEST!!! I'm getting married in 4 months!!! I can't wait!!

*I know my blog is very neglected and I say I'm going to do better, I am trying. It's hard with a new job and no real internet at home. Maybe I can update every other day or so. I will do my best I promise!!

*Headed to Mobile tonight to have a QUICK visit with the future IN-LAWS. Yay!

*Father's Day is Sunday and hopefully we will have everyone together for it. I love those moments! It will be a great time, always is!!

*Okay gotta run now. Will try to at least do quick updates!! I miss blogging!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

At the end...

of my rapidly fraying rope.

Today I came to the end. It was most certainly bound to happen. I have been going non-stop for weeks with the past week being one of the Most exciting and emotional!!!

So tonight I am vacating the world and making time to do some calm and quiet things like share my heart on my beloved blog. Oh blog how I have missed thee...

My new job is going good, a bit frustrating today as the sweet girl that is training me doesn't really have the time to do so as she is going out of town this weekend for a week. And we all know how it is right before you go out of town for a week. There is much to be done and the poor girl has me to train in the mean time. I feel for her but I know it will be worth it next week when she is sitting on the beach far far away :). However in the meantime it is slightly frustrating to be doing something entirely new and not be able to ask a million questions. But so far I really do love the job.

So here I sit soaking up some down time and pondering on How incredible my Heavenly Father is and how Wonderful the man I am going to marry is. Pondering the wedding that I FINALLY get to plan and gazing at my BEAUTIFUL ring.

Ok quick funny to share...imagine are walking through Belk and you notice a young woman headed out the door...but oh oh...oh no...she's not looking up...she's looking down...what is she looking at, you think...oh my she's about to run smack into the glass door that isn't opening quite as fast as she thinks it's going too...what is that, that has her so distracted...oh phew she made it through the first glass door...but oh no she's gonna run slap into the other one...oh my goodness she really needs to pay attention and stop staring at whatever it is she is staring at...phew she made it through the second glass door and finally looks up just in time and realizes she almost flattened her face...good thing she might have gotten hit by a car had she not finally looked up...This Ring Is Going To Get Me Killed I Tell Ya....oh yeah that was me that was so distracted by my engagement ring that I nearly ran smack into two glass doors at Belk and prolly would have gotten hit by a car had I not come out of my awe struck gaze at my ring. I wish the whole world could feel the happiness in my heart when I look at my lovely ring. I reminds me of the Faithful Heavenly Father I have...who knew that I needed to wait for just the right time and moment to give my heart away. The Father who was my Strength when I was very weak and tired of waiting. The Father who sent encouragement just in the nick of time when I felt like I was never going to see my dreams come true. The Father who renewed me for the man he created just for me. The Father who in just the right time brought just the right man and just the right ring to remind me Forever that my Father is faithful and my Wonderful man Loves me and is my Forever. Thank You Father. Thank You.

What a Reedemer He is. He has completely Reedemed and Restored my life. Given me back things I missed out on as a child and given me back things I gave away in foolishness. Given me the desires of my heart. I know MY REEDEMER LIVES!

I am blessed...even here at the end of my rope...where my body, mind, and spirit can take no more I am blessed and I am Held by a Faithful Heavenly Father. And all that keeps coming out is Thank You Father. Thank You Father. It's been a rough day but You are here and You have me. I trust You Father and I Love You Father and I Praise YOU Father. You my Abba Father get ALL of the Glory for ALL of the incredible things I have in my life. For All the incredible people I have in my life. You Father get the credit You get the Honor and Glory. You Father are the ONLY one who could do such amazing and Wonderful things in a life that was so dark and destroyed. You Father are my Reedemer, my Victory, my Peace, my Lord and Savior, MY FAITHFUL HEAVENLY FATHER.

I could never have written this story so Wonderful...I have always tried...always made my plans and dreamed my dreams but now and for all my life I choose His plans and His dreams...I have learned they are much more Wonderful than anything I could dream up.

Jesus IS the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, it was His life that made all of this possible for my life and your life too. He made the way for us to have relationship with the Father...our CREATOR...who better to be in relationship with than the very ONE who created you. Who could ever know you better? Noone.

Thank You Creator for knowing me better than anyone even myself and for helping me to always find YOUR way and YOUR will for the life You have given to me. I give this life back to YOU. In Jesus name. Amen.

Coming soon...Our Engagement Story

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


It has finally happened...

I am ENGAGED everybody!!! I can't believe I get to marry this Wonderful man. God is so very Faithful. I waited such a long time and it was worth every second of the wait. I cannot wait to marry this man that God created just for me. The past year with him has been unlike anything I could have ever dreamed up. God has blessed me more through this man than I could have ever thought to hope for. I mean I hoped and wished for really good things...and God has surpassed all of those and just absolutely blown me away with this man that He brought into my life. And I get to be his wife and he will be my husband. I have truly waited so long for this. Not always patiently but I waited none the less. My ring is so beautiful!!! Here it is...

Not only am I ENGAGED to the most WONDERFUL man in all the world...I also got a new job. I started today working in the HR department at an Insurance company. I am very excited to have this job!!! My first day was great!!!

So in only FOUR short months I will be...Mrs. Marshall Trotter!!!! I cannot wait!!!!

I will post the engagement story soon...I will be opeining up another blog...a WEDDING blog. It has the story of how we met and it will include our Engagement story as well. And it will hopefully keep you all up to date on all the wedding plans.

I know I have been missing from the blog world for quite some time now and have promised to come back several times...but hopefully this time I am truly back.

I have actually been at KIDS CAMP for the past two weeks lovin on some childrens. The first week we were the Ministry Team and services were amazing. God really did a work in me as well as in the kids!! Kids Camp is such a special place. We came home on Saturday only to wash clothes and turn back around and take our kids from church back to camp on Sunday. We had a great three days with the kids and God really did some amazing things in them and again in me. I tell you what God has done most of the major work on me AT KIDS CAMP and I am okay with that!!! While at Kids Camp with our kids the Director of the camp asked me to join his staff for the remainder of camp. Now I have always wanted to be on staff at kids camp...but never in a million years did I think I would ever actually get the chance. But I did...I was on staff for 6 days and I had such a great time!!! I would have been there until kids camp was over but fortunately I got a job at a really great company.
See guys and gals...we have a Faithful Heavenly Father...and some may look at the things that have transpired since the beginning of the year and think oh what a horrible rotten time...but NO...NO NO NO NO...God IS Faithful and HE has a plan...and I know that all that has happend...losing jobs and so on is all part of His plan to draw me closer to Him. I have been more blessed that EVER before and I have gotten opportunities that I would have never had...and I have made decisions for my future that I never would have made before...and I have felt my Father's presence like I never have I am not saying it has been easy...but how can we grow stronger if we are not given opportunities to be strengthened? How can we learn if we do not experience? The Lord knows me and what it takes to get my attention and He knows the plans that He has for each of us.
I could have decided that all that happened was horrible and I could have chosen to give up and blame God or complain and sit around being mad and full of self pity...but all the wonderful things that God had in store for me would have passed me right on by...and I never would have even known it. God has an exact plan for each of us, HE created each of us...HE created every single person who lives with a purpose and a plan...and not once has He ever promised it would be easy and perfect and nothing hard would ever come our in fact He tells us the opposite...He says that when trials come they produce perseverance and character and hope...and the HE is our strength...and that we can RELY on HIM to see us through...and that He has blessings and rest for us if we just hold on...

Father Thank You for being my Wonderful Father, for being Faithful and for Loving me so much. Thank you because I get to share all the Wonderful things YOU do in my life with others so that they know YOUR love too. Thank you for the incredible opportunities you've given me, and Thank you for being my provider always. Thanks you Father for the Wonderful man you created just for me and Thank You for being my strength and my wisdom as I waited on You to bring him to me. Thank You Father for blessing me so much with family and love and healing and hope and purpose. Thank You Father for ALL you are doing, use this blog to touch hearts and lives and soften hearts to receive YOUR love and forgiveness and salvation. You are my ALL in ALL and I love you Father and I give you ALL the praise, honor, & glory. Be with me tomorrow as I face my second day at a new job and help me to be a blessing to my new employer. Father I give this relationship to you, this wedding to you, this job to you and most importantly I give my life to you. I want to serve you All of my days. Thank You Father. I love you. I praise You. YOU FATHER ARE THE GREATEST NEWS OF ALL!!! In Jesus name. Amen.