Thursday, June 11, 2009

At the end...

of my rapidly fraying rope.

Today I came to the end. It was most certainly bound to happen. I have been going non-stop for weeks with the past week being one of the Most exciting and emotional!!!

So tonight I am vacating the world and making time to do some calm and quiet things like share my heart on my beloved blog. Oh blog how I have missed thee...

My new job is going good, a bit frustrating today as the sweet girl that is training me doesn't really have the time to do so as she is going out of town this weekend for a week. And we all know how it is right before you go out of town for a week. There is much to be done and the poor girl has me to train in the mean time. I feel for her but I know it will be worth it next week when she is sitting on the beach far far away :). However in the meantime it is slightly frustrating to be doing something entirely new and not be able to ask a million questions. But so far I really do love the job.

So here I sit soaking up some down time and pondering on How incredible my Heavenly Father is and how Wonderful the man I am going to marry is. Pondering the wedding that I FINALLY get to plan and gazing at my BEAUTIFUL ring.

Ok quick funny to share...imagine are walking through Belk and you notice a young woman headed out the door...but oh oh...oh no...she's not looking up...she's looking down...what is she looking at, you think...oh my she's about to run smack into the glass door that isn't opening quite as fast as she thinks it's going too...what is that, that has her so distracted...oh phew she made it through the first glass door...but oh no she's gonna run slap into the other one...oh my goodness she really needs to pay attention and stop staring at whatever it is she is staring at...phew she made it through the second glass door and finally looks up just in time and realizes she almost flattened her face...good thing she might have gotten hit by a car had she not finally looked up...This Ring Is Going To Get Me Killed I Tell Ya....oh yeah that was me that was so distracted by my engagement ring that I nearly ran smack into two glass doors at Belk and prolly would have gotten hit by a car had I not come out of my awe struck gaze at my ring. I wish the whole world could feel the happiness in my heart when I look at my lovely ring. I reminds me of the Faithful Heavenly Father I have...who knew that I needed to wait for just the right time and moment to give my heart away. The Father who was my Strength when I was very weak and tired of waiting. The Father who sent encouragement just in the nick of time when I felt like I was never going to see my dreams come true. The Father who renewed me for the man he created just for me. The Father who in just the right time brought just the right man and just the right ring to remind me Forever that my Father is faithful and my Wonderful man Loves me and is my Forever. Thank You Father. Thank You.

What a Reedemer He is. He has completely Reedemed and Restored my life. Given me back things I missed out on as a child and given me back things I gave away in foolishness. Given me the desires of my heart. I know MY REEDEMER LIVES!

I am blessed...even here at the end of my rope...where my body, mind, and spirit can take no more I am blessed and I am Held by a Faithful Heavenly Father. And all that keeps coming out is Thank You Father. Thank You Father. It's been a rough day but You are here and You have me. I trust You Father and I Love You Father and I Praise YOU Father. You my Abba Father get ALL of the Glory for ALL of the incredible things I have in my life. For All the incredible people I have in my life. You Father get the credit You get the Honor and Glory. You Father are the ONLY one who could do such amazing and Wonderful things in a life that was so dark and destroyed. You Father are my Reedemer, my Victory, my Peace, my Lord and Savior, MY FAITHFUL HEAVENLY FATHER.

I could never have written this story so Wonderful...I have always tried...always made my plans and dreamed my dreams but now and for all my life I choose His plans and His dreams...I have learned they are much more Wonderful than anything I could dream up.

Jesus IS the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, it was His life that made all of this possible for my life and your life too. He made the way for us to have relationship with the Father...our CREATOR...who better to be in relationship with than the very ONE who created you. Who could ever know you better? Noone.

Thank You Creator for knowing me better than anyone even myself and for helping me to always find YOUR way and YOUR will for the life You have given to me. I give this life back to YOU. In Jesus name. Amen.

Coming soon...Our Engagement Story

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Lindsey said...

Awww you are too cute!!! I'm just the happiest for you! And let me warn you, that ring daze does NOT go away! I still get distracted just staring at my ring! Love ya girl! If I lived closer I would totally be taking you out to celebrate!!!