Monday, May 19, 2008


I am back home.

A part of my heart is still in Thailand. With the children, with the missionaries, with the pastors, with the humble people of Thailand.

Words to describe the trip:
Life Changing
Eye Opening
Heart Warming
I loved getting to be a part of the kids lives and teach them a bit of english and teach show them God's love. I feel honored to have gotten to be with them and get to know them and spend time with them. I feel humbled by their smiles and their gracious manner. They are so thankful for what they have and the smiles on their faces and the light in their eyes showed that.

I loved getting to teach the Children's Workers new techniques to teach children. I loved showing them our hearts for ministry and watching as the passion we brought over flowed onto them. I love watching them do the service and participate and do ministry for the Children. I felt like a proud parent. I couldn't believe how proud I was of them.

I feel humbled and honored to have gotten to worship with this humble people. To worship to music in another language but still feel God closer than ever. To watch God love on people on the other side of the world. To have God use me to speak into lives on the other side of the world. To see them jumping and dancing before their Lord, OUR Lord. To have been apart of their beautiful worship. To have learned there really is no language barrier in the Spirit of God. His Spirit speaks ALL languages and all who accept understand Him.

I feel honored to have been loved by those there. I feel honored to have been served as we were. I feel honored by the incredible missionaries and Thai team that made us feel so very welcome.

They are a beautiful people, a humble people, a respectful people.
I now feel like a rude American.

I am honored to have gotten to go and experience all that we were able to experience. Truly honored. TRULY HUMBLED.

I am thankful to be back, and have been blown away by the response of those I love so much. I knew I was missed and loved and that is the greatest feeling in the world.

You all were missed and loved as well. I missed you guys everyday. I wanted to share all that I was experiencing with you everyday.

I cherish the prayers that were going up to Our Lord. They were effective. God was there with us, we saw His hand all around. We had favor and protection and power. Thank you. I love you all!

Enjoy the pics below:

Our First meal in Thailand - Sea Side

Meeting the Kids at camp in Phang Nga

Beautiful Kids

Sweating for Jesus - Gorillas!!!

My incredible English Class - The sweetest teens ever!!

My precious precious little girl, my mini me!! Mham

Farong Team all Powered

Tsunami English Camp - Phang Nga Thailand

Sunday Morning Service - Din Daing

Beautiful Girls

Incredible Lunch - Incredible Service - Incredible Pastor - Din Diang

Getting to know the workers in Chaing Rai

Teaching Puppets

Teaching Object Lessons
Teaching Gorillas
Teaching Games

Set up for Service - Go Workers Go!!

Lilly - Called into Children's Ministry!!! Amazing Girl!! I felt such a kinship with her!

Chaing Rai Pastor and His family! Amazing Vision!! Amazing Pastor!! Amazing Family!!

Bridge over River Quai

Lunch at the Bridge over River Quai

Beautiful Lady

The Girls

Dee and I on the Elephant Ride!!!

Yeah our Elephant got us good!!

I got brave and rode on the neck!!

A moment of Exhaustion!!

A moment of Exhaustion!!

We had a great time and this is only a fraction of the pictures I have!! Hope you enjoyed!!