Friday, October 12, 2012

Three Years

Hubby and I have almost been married for three years. It feels so weird to say that. In one sense I feel like, “where did the time go?” and in another sense I feel like, “that’s all it has been?”. Crazy right.

I still remember my single years and how wonderful and difficult they were. I spent those years really building my relationship with God and allowing Him to work in me deeply. I spent those years serving Him without reservation. Those years were some of the hardest, most wonderful, fulfilling, times that I have had. Intermittently within those years I found myself lonely for the one that I knew God had for me. I loved those years but did have those difficult moments of loneliness and wondering through every wedding of all my younger friends if I was meant to be married and if so, when would I find him.

And then it happened, I finally fell in love and knew that this man was the man that God had just for me and me just for him. It did not look a thing like I thought it would and I confirmed with God over and over and over again that I could and should finally really give that part of my heart over to a man. It had been so long (8 years) and it just didn’t seem real. And it seemed too good to be true.

But that is not how God works. He really does want us to have good things, great and wonderful things even.

And that is just what these last three years have been: good, great, wonderful and completely unbelievable! I cannot believe all that has transpired in the past three years. We married, moved, went to Bible College, I graduated, he is extremely close to graduating, and we got a job as Children’s Pastors at our church. It has been truly unbelievable! Through it ALL, the good and the bad, God has been so incredibly faithful. He has taken care of our every need and has supplied some wants as well.
I feel that we have found wonderful balance (and that is truly the first time in my life that I can say I have found balance)…WOW! But we have found good balance.

I believe that this past year has been one of the best. I feel like we have reached a wonderful place in our marriage and ministry. We are communicating better with each other, we know each other so much better, we have so much fun together, we know where to stand with each other, we know where to challenge each other, we know better how to support each other.

By no means am I saying that we have arrived but what a great year #3 has been. I have loved it so so much!

I have loved ministering alongside my incredible husband and I see now how God planned it. Marshall brings so much balance to me and I to him. We truly are a great team. I do not want to do ministry without him. I know I could, but I don’t want to. I want him with me and I want his input and his heart. There is absolutely nothing like seeing my man worship and serve the Lord. There is nothing like seeing him get things done for the kingdom. There is nothing like seeing him minister, teach, and love these kids and students. There is nothing like doing ministry alongside my Husband.

I am truly blown away by God’s goodness and faithfulness to us in our marriage, our ministry, and our friendships.

Truly blown away. I know that I shouldn’t be blown away, but I can’t help but be. God is so incredible and He is so good and kind, and He loves us so much and so completely that it is impossible for my human self not to be completely blown away by God and who He is and who He has made me to be and who He gave me to walk this journey with. Incredible. Unbelievable. Wonderful.


Thank YOU my Heavenly Father. Thank YOU for all of this and so much more. I truly do want others to see YOUR love in the way Marshall and I love each other. Help me to love, honor, and respect him more everyday and every year that passes. In Jesus name. Amen.