Friday, May 27, 2011

One Year Ago

We packed up our life as we knew it and moved away to follow God’s calling on our lives.

We left our home, family, friends, comforts, and salaries.

We took a leap of faith.

When not everyone could or would understand we followed God.

We were supported and questioned. We questioned ourselves at times.

That was the scariest thing I had EVER done in my life. It was hard. It hurt. It was exciting. It felt good. It was God’s will.

All I can say is WOW!

We have been blown away by God time and time again. He has been faithful and so very very good to us.

We have been here a year and God has completely transformed everything we thought we knew. He has blessed us above and beyond and He has shed His light on our path.

Incredible. Our God is truly Incredible.

Currently I have completed my freshman year at Central Bible College. I have a 3.6 GPA. I have approximately one year left and will hopefully graduate with my brother May of next year with a few classes left to complete the summer after graduation. Hubby has changed his course from teaching to Church Leadership. He has been accepted to Central Bible College and will be starting their degree completion in August. He will graduate approximately the December after I do. God is birthing a vision in us for Children’s/Family Ministry. We want to work together to see the Families and Children of this world touched and changed and welcomed into the Kingdom of God. We are both currently working at Old Navy. Hubby works on the shipment team in the mornings and is up for a great promotion if I can find another job. Since we are married I have to leave for him to be promoted. I hope to be offered a job at Cato closer to our new lil apt. We have moved to the North side of the city and are approximately 3 minutes away from the church that we both love and where we work weekly in the Kid’s church and with Wednesday night classes and where I am currently interning and 4 minutes away from our school. Hubby also works at a deli and he loves the people there.

We are thankful and grateful and humbled and blown away at this last year. We look forward to what God has for us ahead.

Where we are

We are holding tightly to each other, love, God, and family.

Last week we received a call no one EVER wants to receive. Hubby’s mom called. She has been fighting cancer for a while now. The doctors had told her there is nothing more they can do. She however is not done fighting. I have been completely blown away at the strength my precious mother in law has shown since I have known her but mostly in these last few months. She is absolutely incredible and precious. We are all praying for a miracle and for peace. We know that even though we do not understand and this hurts more than anything we have ever faced that God is still God and that nothing is impossible for Him.

My heartbreaks again everyday thinking about our sweet family and how strong everyone is being and how beautiful this family is. My heartbreaks thinking about what everyone is feeling and facing right now. We are thankful for every single day. We are praying every single day.

This is where we are and this does not surprise God and He has not for one second left any of us. He is here holding us. “This is what it means to be held and know that the promise was when everything fails, we’d be HELD.” God promises never to leave us or forsake us. He never promises hardship and heartache will not be part of our lives but He promises to be here with us EVERY step of the way.

This is where we are and if you would pray with us for healing, miracles, faith, strength, hope, peace, and God’s will, we would be grateful.

Where Love Lives…

In the good

In the hard

In the unbelievable

In the moments that shake you to your core

In the moments of awe

In the moments of flooding tears

In the moments when you cannot draw a breath

In the times it seems to be too much

In the TRUTH

In Jesus Christ

In hope

In disbelief

In the hour of darkness

In the new morning brimming with new mercies

In the desperate on your face prayers

In the frustrations

In the whispers of encouragement

In the strength that blows you away


In the moments when there is NO understanding

In every step you continue to take forward

In the moments when you stop and fall to your knees

In the new

In the old

In the unknown

In the murmurings that only your heart knows







Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Radio Silence...

I just don't have words.

Times are tough.


God is faithful and good and trustworthy.

More to come when I can put it into words.