Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Life these days...

Life these days is filled with laughter. It seems my wonderful Hubby gets a kick out of his silly wife. I tend to make us laugh by accident and sometimes on purpose and I love it because there is absolutely nothing greater than my handsome husband’s laugh.

Life these days is filled with math. I am almost through my very last college class, which happens to be college algebra. I love my teacher and currently I have an ‘A’ in the class. My, oh so patient, husband gets me through my homework and my funny and easy going teacher gets me through class. So far it is going much better than I ever expected it to and I know it is because of God’s timing and God’s placement! I am thankful.

Life these days is filled with ministry. We fall more and more in love with our students every week. We love pouring into them and loving them and connecting with them and we are so proud of how they are learning to worship and how they are reading their bibles! We are also about to begin being youth sponsors as well and we could not be more thrilled about that! We love youth as well as children and I feel like a piece of my heart is returning once again! So excited!

Life these days is filled once again with softball. Monday nights are once again softball nights with my hubby and our friends! I look forward to it every week because my hubby loves playing so much and because we have built such beautiful friendships with our friends and it is a perfect time to hang out and visit!

Life these days is wonderful. God is good and oh so faithful and we are so excited to be doing what He has called us to do. We are loving life these days with our Jesus!

We just returned from a mini getaway to Eureka Springs, AR and we had such a beautiful and peaceful weekend away! It was just what we both needed! I am so thankful for what I have coined as our “Sabbath” trips. It feels like such a true Sabbath when we are able to get away like that. It was nice to wake up every morning to a slow pace and sit out on the balcony with my journal, bible, and coffee and spend some quite time there. It was nice to walk leisurely down foreign streets hand in hand and onto wooded trails. It was nice to eat out and take it easy. I truly love our Sabbath getaways!

And I have to just say that I am more in love with my amazing husband than ever. That man absolutely blows me away with his patience and love. I know that God truly thought of everything when he picked this man for me and I am thankful to God every single day for sharing this man with me! I know that I am blessed and I know that if I had settled how very much I would be missing out on!

We are blessed with a wonderful family and wonderful friends but mostly with an amazing Heavenly Father that meets all our needs and blows us away on a regular basis!

Blown away by life these days.

Peace is what I seek.

In the midst of life and all its joys and woes…I seek HIS peace.

In the midst of plans mine alone, others, and HIS…I seek HIS peace.

In the midst of the unknown or the bits that I think I do know…I seek HIS peace.

I believe that all my life all I have ever wanted can be found in the Peace of Jesus Christ. He is the one who has calmed my every storm and fulfilled my every dream.

There is nothing of greater value than my relationship with Jesus, from it stems everything. Every relationship I have is directly affected by my relationship with HIM. Every word I speak is directly related to my Heart in which HE lives.

Why then do I take such poor care of my relationship with the KING OF KINGS?

Why do I falter so?

I think there is nothing more frustrating than being humanly imperfect. I fail. A lot.

Sounds depressing right…oh but it is NOT!

For my Jesus stands waiting to take me in and waiting to forgive and smooth over all my rough places with HIS grace, mercy, and peace that transcends ALL understanding.

My Jesus stands ready to teach me the most valuable of lessons…if only I’ll pay attention and listen and seek.

What a Lord. What a Savior. What a Friend. What a Jesus!