Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Friday my in-laws came into town. We cooked burgers & tots and ate and watched football. They left early the next morning to head to the Bama game.

Saturday the hubby & I made Thanksgiving dinner for my mom. The day & the food turned out great!

Saturday night I wanted to take the hubby to see a movie I knew he’d like. Blind Side. G-R-E-A-T movie – go see it! The first two showings were sold out but they schedule a third and we got tickets to that. We went to do some Christmas shopping before our movie. We had someone send us a sweet gift from our registry that we ended up not needing and so we were able to use the money from that to buy a huge portion of our Christmas gifts. Huge blessing. The sad part is that we have no idea who to thank for the gift as it came in the mail unmarked. We are very Thankful to whoever it was.

Sunday hubby got up and made bacon for our Sunday School class, we practiced the play songs on the way to church, I got to see my brother who is home from college!!!, Sunday School was great and Children’s Church went good. I can tell the kids are very tired of practicing the play, but it will all be worth it. And we got to end with some fun songs that made me miss regular children’s church and leading worship!!!

Sunday after church we headed to my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I was beyond excited to give dad the gift we found for him. I knew it would be something he wanted and would love. We had a yummy lunch and fun time chatting and dad had a great birthday!! We had yummy strawberry pie for dessert. Then dad headed off to the airport and the Mr. and I headed home.

Sunday evening we watched TV and I worked on getting my three miniature Christmas trees decorated. I decided to go ahead and put them out and it made me exceedingly happy. I love seeing them out. But right now I have fall decorations and Christmas decorations out. Ha! I am ready for all the Christmas stuff to be out!!

It was a really really nice weekend full of family and fun and sprinkled with Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Late night scare...

So the hubby, cat and I are all snuggled in for the night last night.
I was in fact falling into a rather NICE slumber.

Then there was a Noise...

The three of us jump...Mr. Wonderful jumps out of bed and heads down to check it out...

I'm thinking oh my someone's in the house and Mr. Wonderful has gone running down not knowing what he's gonna run into.

To me it sounded like someone knocked over the wrought iron candle sticks I have on the floor in the dining room.

Mr. Wonderful said it sounded like something fell down the bathroom sink.

He could find nothing out of place and noone in the apartment...THANK GOODNESS.

Mr. Wonderful said (prolly just to make me feel better) that he thought it came from the neighbor's apartment. (Yes you can hear almost everything from the neighbor's at times.)

Thankfully I slept fine the rest of the night too. Crazy noises can't stop this sleep machine!

Friday, November 06, 2009

This Week...

*I did not work on Thank You notes...seriously I've just got to get started again and I'll be fine...I want to send them with Thank yous from my heart

*I fought the worst traffic EVER...the time chance has just confused people...it's ridiculous

*I talked to all of my best friends at least once...I miss them terribly since the wedding day

*My mother-in-law had surgery...hopefully she will be feeling so much better SOON

*I got to talk to All of my family at least once...I am SO blessed and was blessed by sweet words that I needed to hear

*I fixed my hair a lil diff and liked it better...and it took less time

*I got Starbucks

*I came home to a drawn bath and candles lit on a day that turned very bad...my husband is so wonderful

*I helped my husband cook dinner

*I got to work early and accomplished alot

*I planned the holidays

*I made someone angry

*I made someone happy

*I worshipped my Savior

*I hugged some amazing people

*I devoted time to spend in the Word & prayer

*I worked on music for the Kids Christmas Play...uumm I LOVE those kids

*I started re-reading a book

*I bathed our cat Tater...first try not so smart...second try a success

*I thought alot about the future

*I rejoiced with a friend

*I found some mistakes...and doubted myself

*I read some blogs...too bad reader won't let you make comments

*I scraped frost from my winshield

*I enjoyed the fall trees

*I envisioned the future

*I texted

*My husband made me laughed...alot

*I really wanted to pull out Christmas decorations but refrained

*I did laundry with my Hubby

*I mopped the kitchen floor

*I saw the love in my husband's eyes

*I thanked my Heavenly Father for all the incredible people and things in my life

*I planned SS breakfast

*I prayed for several needs

*I drank less-sweet tea

*I wished a co-worker Happy Birthday

*I looked at my wedding rings...thought about my Heavenly Father's faithfulness...and my husband's love and commitment

*I looked for more wedding pictures...but found none...the waiting is tough...hee hee

*Made a plan for selling my wedding dress...now to make it happen

*Made plans to change my name...can't wait!

*I thought about the North

*I laughed at my brother

*I missed my brothers

*Listened to Rick and Bubba

*This week I will be married for 3 weeks

*This week being back to reality was better than last week

Father...Thank You for this week. Amen.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


So Today was one of those days...

It was just a normal day really...but so much more than that to me.

Today I got to get up and go to church with my husband. Which is just another dream come true. Seems like a simple dream but simple or not it was a very sweet and awesome moment for me. We had a really great day together. Church was great then we spent the afternoon running errands then caught a movie before coming home and catching up on our DVR shows. Just a nice relaxing day together.

One of many we get to have for the rest of our lives.

Truly I love the small things the most. The times we pray together, holding hands, cleaning house together, rolling over to see him there beside me, looking across the room to see him there, laughing together.

This is the beginning of our lives together and I am truly loving this time in our lives. I am very thankful for it.

We've had a great weekend...a beautiful & quiet evening at home Friday night...I came home to a candle lit dinner and a movie...my husband is so sweet...Saturday hubby had to work so I slept in then cleaned then when he got home we got ready and headed to the Fall Festival and had a great night with family and friends there...Sunday a wonderful morning at church, errands, movie, and quiet evening at home with our DVR (yes we LOVE our DVR).

And now it's on to a new work week. Hopefully this week will be much better than last week. I can't seem to get excited about going to work. I really just do not like work, that is the bottom line. But it's a necessary evil and there is no point in complaining about it.

Father, I thank you for your unending love and blessings. I thank you for what is to come in our lives. I give you this week and anything it holds. I pray for peace, joy, calmness, I pray you would bless all those we love and provide everything they need this week. Father I love you, plain and simple I love you and I want to serve You this week. Bless my husband and be with him this week as he works give him good days. Thank you for being in our marriage and for bringing us together. Bless our families and friends and minister to their EVERY need. I trust you and seek you and love you. In Jesus name. Amen!