Friday, November 06, 2009

This Week...

*I did not work on Thank You notes...seriously I've just got to get started again and I'll be fine...I want to send them with Thank yous from my heart

*I fought the worst traffic EVER...the time chance has just confused's ridiculous

*I talked to all of my best friends at least once...I miss them terribly since the wedding day

*My mother-in-law had surgery...hopefully she will be feeling so much better SOON

*I got to talk to All of my family at least once...I am SO blessed and was blessed by sweet words that I needed to hear

*I fixed my hair a lil diff and liked it better...and it took less time

*I got Starbucks

*I came home to a drawn bath and candles lit on a day that turned very husband is so wonderful

*I helped my husband cook dinner

*I got to work early and accomplished alot

*I planned the holidays

*I made someone angry

*I made someone happy

*I worshipped my Savior

*I hugged some amazing people

*I devoted time to spend in the Word & prayer

*I worked on music for the Kids Christmas Play...uumm I LOVE those kids

*I started re-reading a book

*I bathed our cat Tater...first try not so smart...second try a success

*I thought alot about the future

*I rejoiced with a friend

*I found some mistakes...and doubted myself

*I read some blogs...too bad reader won't let you make comments

*I scraped frost from my winshield

*I enjoyed the fall trees

*I envisioned the future

*I texted

*My husband made me laughed...alot

*I really wanted to pull out Christmas decorations but refrained

*I did laundry with my Hubby

*I mopped the kitchen floor

*I saw the love in my husband's eyes

*I thanked my Heavenly Father for all the incredible people and things in my life

*I planned SS breakfast

*I prayed for several needs

*I drank less-sweet tea

*I wished a co-worker Happy Birthday

*I looked at my wedding rings...thought about my Heavenly Father's faithfulness...and my husband's love and commitment

*I looked for more wedding pictures...but found none...the waiting is tough...hee hee

*Made a plan for selling my wedding to make it happen

*Made plans to change my name...can't wait!

*I thought about the North

*I laughed at my brother

*I missed my brothers

*Listened to Rick and Bubba

*This week I will be married for 3 weeks

*This week being back to reality was better than last week

Father...Thank You for this week. Amen.


JMBMOMMY said...

:) Love reading your lists. You are such a REAL person. Love that.

Lindsey said...

Fun list! I'm so glad you're enjoying married life, it's the best!=)