Monday, January 14, 2013

Jumping In

Things are in full swing and I am jumping in!

We started a new series in kids church on Sunday and it went so well. God showed up and spoke to hearts and that is all I ask for this year. I simply want God to show up and move and work! I am so thankful.

I started what I hope to be my last college class today - Intermediate Algebra - I have a super sweet and caring teacher and I am setting a goal to pass this class with an A and surprise everyone, including myself! I can do this and I want to do this and do it well!

We had a great week of fasting last week and I felt God drawing me nearer and nearer to Him and I came out of the week just wanting more and more of Him. Is there any greater desire than that - Nope! I want to see God move this year in big ways in my heart and life and in the hearts and lives of those around me and in my church!

Hubby and I had a very fun and relazing weekend.

Thursday - Hubby bought me a groupon several weeks back for a paint night with three friends. So I took three speical ladies to paint with me and we painted snowflakes. We had a very good time. There were awkward moments as I placed together three people who do not normally spend time with each other but overall it was truly a great night. My heart was that each of theses women would feel special and thought of and loved.

Friday - Hubby and I just relaxed at home and watched some movies that we had recorded on our DVR and that was fun! I enjoy down time so much!

Saturday - Hubby and I slept in and then went to look at beds. We are wanting to upgrade to a king size bed this year and since we are not impulse shoppers we wanted to go look and get an idea of what we liked and what the cost was of the things that we like. It was fun. We came back home and hubby watched football while I relaxed before heading to the church to get some work done and going to our end of fasting Worship and Prayer service. After service we set up kids church and headed out for dinner before heading home to crash!

Sunday - We began our new series by teaching the kids how very important it is to read their bibles. The Lord led me to be very transparent in something He had recently taught me about putting Him very first in my days instead of social media and I know that God annointed my message and our worship time and spoke to hearts young and old! I am so thankful. We then went out to eat with some friends, where I did not get my meal until many around the table were already done eating. But it was a very fun lunch with some very dear friends! We then went home to nap before JBQ dinner and practice. Our evening was then spent bowling with Old Navy peeps as their Christmas party or after Christmas party. It was so fun to bowl and catch up with sweet people I had previously worked with and who Hubby still works with. And I beat my Hubby on the last game! Fun!

We are truly blessed with great friends and people and we had a great weekend! I am looking forward to this week and what God has in store. I have my eyes open for opportunities to bless and minister to others and I plan to be in His Word and Presence as much as possible for there I find who I truly am and I find strength, joy, and peace! He is good, so so good!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The New Year has arrived

Yes the New Year is here and I am in full planning mode as we prepare and plan and dream about all that God has in store for this brand new year.

Currently I am working on getting everything ready to start a brand new series called - There's an App for That! We will be using popular iPhone apps to teach the kids biblical truths! I am so excited and I think it is going to be very fun and good!  We have two GIANT iPhones for the platform with apps that will rotate! So excited!

We will also be using our new curtians that my mom made for us! They are Lime Green and Blue! I just love them so much and they are so much brighter than the ones that we have been using!!  I hope the kids love them as much as we do!

So I have been in my office all week working on those things! I love being in my office working! It truly is one of my favorite places to be!!

I love my job and I love our kiddos!!

Hubby has been working hard this week on finding us an electric heater that will help offset the cost of our gas furnace this winter. I hope that we have finally found one that will work well enough that we do not have to run our big furnace the majority of the time! Gas is so expensive and one of our goals this year is to cut back on spending!

I am waiting with baited breath for my January Birchbox! This is truly one of the best gifts that I have ever gotten becuase I get a new one every single month!! I am loving it! I am most excited about January because I found out that you could adjust your profile to your specific preferences so that you get products in your Birchbox that you are most interested in!! I can't wait to see what I get this month!! So fun!!

I am realizing more and more that I need to take care of my skin better, especially the older I get.  So I am in the market for good skincare products this year! I will be saving and researching to buy some things that I hope will help my aging skin! Oh the joys of getting older! I don't mind though, it just means that I am getting wiser!! At least that is my prayer everyday!!

I am officially ADDICTED to COFFEE! Most likely because it is winter and it helps keep me warm, whatever the reason I LOVE IT!!

Well that's a wrap for now, I am getting ready for my Girl's Only class tonight!! I cannot wait to see my girls!! We are talking about colleges tonight! I love getting to be part of their journeys and helping them to prepare for the things that God has in store for each of them!!