Thursday, July 30, 2009


Job: New job is coming along; hopefully the new will just continue to wear off!! I am learning more and more everyday and hope to be COMPLETELY independent ASAP!! I am not one who relies well on others who seem to have no time or concern with me or the questions that I unfortunately have to have answered in order to perform my job. Odd that this is the case here but never the less it does seems to be the case. I like the job and I like having a job I am just very ready to not feel incompetent and get looks that say to me why are you bothering me with your questions. I am sure it is not intentional so therefore I will move on and simply stand. That’s all my job is anyway to stand no matter what the situation, circumstance, or what’s thrown or not thrown my way. I am done being tossed by the wind. Who I am does not depend on my surroundings only on My God!

Mr. Wonderful has found a job as well. He will be working part time and we are both very excited!! He is still looking for a second part time job too but it will come!! God is SO Faithful.

Wedding Plans: Coming right along. I ordered the cake last night and was blown away by the sweet gesture from my parents to give the money for the down payment on the cake. I am so humbled, thankful and blessed!!! God has given me incredible parents and I am so thankful for them all!!
The amazing response from those I love has greatly Humbled me and made me so very Thankful and Grateful. It is so incredible for others to offer to help, give money, time or do a job and I am beyond thankful and grateful to all of them. No job is small and I am thankful for every bit of support everyone has shown us in this journey to the marriage altar! I am ready for the day and ready to see all the plans, time, and effort come together and have a celebration!! Then I am ready for the week long break we will get right after!! I will definitely need that!!

God is so Faithful! He is pulling everything together piece by piece and I am standing in awe, complete awe! I have watched as He has given back all of the things I originally wanted for the wedding but let go of once we lost our jobs. Piece by piece God has added those things back and blessed us with them. God has provided and is providing. We went to the bank last week to apply for a line of credit to help supplement for the cost of the wedding. Before we went I prayed and just gave it entirely to God and decided if that was a way He wanted to use to help great and if we were denied then God had another plan. We were denied on Friday and on Tuesday Mr. Wonderful got a job. God provided. He has provided incredible loved ones who want to contribute and support us in getting married. Not a single one of them am I not Thankful for. Thank you all SO MUCH!! I am so humbled by the response! I never would have made it where I am today with out my Heavenly Father and all the incredible people He placed in my life. My incredible Mom, My incredible God Family Neesie, Dad, Jared, & Daniel, My incredible Church Family and Friends, & My incredible Godly Friends who God sent at just the right time to challenge and encourage me along the way when I had none. Thank You Father for being Jehovah Jireh – My Provider, Jehovah Nissi – My Victory, Jehovah Shalom – My Peace through all these years! Thank you to those who have loved me and supported me through all these years and are still loving and supporting me now!! I love you all!! I am Humbled, Thankful, & Grateful.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Things

things I love:
* My Lord & Savior & Heavenly Father
* My Family
* My Mr. Wonderful
* My daily devotion
* Worship
* Children & Youth
* Ministry
* My church
* My home
* My future

What I'm ready for:
* Family beach trip
* Our Wedding
* Summer Contest
* Seeing the kids at church
* Worship
* Our Honeymoon trip
* Full-Time Ministry

God is good and faithful.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ever since going through the personality book "Spirit Filled Temperment" in our Sunday School class I have loved learning about the different personalities and then trying to figure out what my loves are and the new people I meet. Not to judge them but so that I can know and love them better. We learned that there are Strengths and Weaknesses to each. God can help to control and temper each personality and help us learn how to function.

Very interesting to when I read this description of the 4 Temperments or Personalities I really liked the simple way it was put and I thought I would share it.

Phlegmatic: Desires PEACE
Needs times of quiet, reduced stress, feeling of worth, relaxation

Choleric: Desires CONTROL
Needs appreciation for achievements, opportunity for leadership, and participation in decisions

Sanguine: Desires FUN
Needs attention, affection, approval, activity with people

Melancholy: Desires PERFECTION
Needs sensitivity, stability, support, space, silence

I will share with you what I am...what we learned in the book was that you have a Primary and a Secondary sometimes you will have three but mostly just two. They give you a test and break it down by percentage and even send you a booklet about your personality based off the test you take. I need to go back and read my book again.

So here is a glimpse of me:

Primary: Choleric 60% - I am guess at the percentage but I believe I am close to what my booklet says. I also desire & need exactly what the description above says. So very true.
Secondary: Melancholy: 40% - Again guessing at the percentage but think I am close. Again I desire & need exactly what the description above says.

How cool is that!! I think it is beneficial to be able to understand yourself and others. I like it :)

My prediction of what my soon to be hubby is:

Primary: Phlegmatic 80% - This is a total guess. The description seems to fit his personality. And reading this has helped me understand his needs more and his desires. Cool.
Secondary: I am unsure of his secondary...I think he is is predominately Phleg and has small pieces of Sanguine and Melancholy. Maybe one day he can take the test and find out.

I really do think that it is beneficial to be able to know and understand different personalities and the needs and desires. It helps to understand yourself as well as others. Not to mention it's fun too.

So there is my little spill on personalities!!

Which do you think you are????

Thursday, July 09, 2009

From Where I stand today:

*My mind is full and slightly cloudy today

*Some places are difficult to know where to stand but we have to remember the object is always to simply love no matter how someone is behaving or if we agree or not

*Our nature is NOT naturally good…we HAVE to work at it ~ For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God Romans 3:23

*When things get tough…the ONLY thing to do is draw closer to THE FATHER ~ Draw near to God and He will draw near to you

*One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple. Psalm 27:4

*Search out the good in people, encourage that and all the other shall fade away

*God plays no favorites

*You don’t get to know the Father’s time. You get to know that the Father is faithful. ~ Tony Cruz

*The Lord IS my shield

*Reaching HIS faithfulness first takes faithfulness from us ~ It IS worth it

*This should be one of those days where I get to curl up on the couch and that just be okay ~ but it’s not and that’s okay ~ God is here

*It really is a time of the enemy attacking ~ it seems right know that jerk is literally attacking EVERYONE I love ~ he WILL NOT win IN THE NAME OF JESUS

*There is SO much that needs to be covered in prayer one needs prayer to be their full-time job

*All the ways of the LORD are loving and faithful Psalm 25:10

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


it has posed to be much more difficult than I thought to keep my blog updated...I can't be on much at work so I only get to update every now and then.

I miss blogworld.

Things are going great...we have Three months and Ten days until our Wedding Day. I can't wait.

Plans are going great!!! It's so fun!!! I can't wait to see it all come together.

Will update again as soon as I can.