Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I think being married could be one of my favorite things ever!

I love seeing everyone for the first time as a married woman!! It's different somehow, a wonderful kind of different!

I really don't like dressing up for halloween or parties...I'm not really sure why...but I truly don't like it...but I shall do it when I have to!

I love laughing with my husband!

I love how my Mr. doesn't have to get in his car and leave every night and drive 20 mins away anymore...EVER again!

I love how Tater (our cat) and the Mr. love each other!

I love making our lil apartment a home!

I love that the Mr. helps and cleans and cooks and does whatever needs to be done - he's amazing!

I loved how incredible our Wedding day was and how when I think back on it I still get the best feeling inside!

I love how everyone loved us and supported us and blessed us and blew us away!

Our families blew us away!! We are truly blessed!

I love saying my husband!

I love my rings!

I love his ring and seeing it on his finger brings a smile!

Really wishes I could have some worship music at my desk right now!!

Really misses my brothers!

I always leave things out of my random!

Seriously our Wedding Day was the BEST DAY EVER!!!

I bought mums, two lil ceramic pumpkins, and a harvest sign to spread some fall love around our home!!

I am really looking forward to building our lives together and what God has in store for us!

I really have the most incredible friends ever!!

I really need to get my Thank You cards done!

I love prayer time with my husband!

We will be busy this weekend with Fall Festival and hopefully finishing up the apt!

The end.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Update!!!

Here are a few pictures my photographer posted from the wedding!

Getting Ready!

My Beautiful Girls and me!

My Handsome Guy!

His Handsome Guys and him!

He tried to get away but my girls wouldn’t let him!! (too fun)

Perfect Moment!

The Happy Couple!

My Dad and I surprised everyone with our dance…our song started out slow (my dad cried) but then we had pre arranged it to be cut…and edited in a faster song (My Girl) which we did a dance that we practice and it was just too fun!! Everyone was indeed surprised and loved it!

The End of our truly incredible day!

I could not have imagined the day going any better than it did; it was such a FUN and incredible day from beginning to end!

Mrs. Trotter

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


If I haven't told the blog world before...

We are absolutely overwhelmed with the love, support, and help we're getting with our wedding!!

Our parents!!! Our parents have blessed us SO much!!
Our friends, families and our church has blessed us SO much!!

There's no way we could do this with out all of the wonderful people God has blessed us with.


Thank you Faithful Heavenly Father!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


I'm getting Married!! I'm Getting Married!! I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!

I think I have officially gotten really excited!!

We are getting married two weeks from this Saturday!! I can't believe it's actually real!!