Sunday, April 17, 2011

It’s been a year and a half

Wow I can hardly believe that hubby and I have been married for a year and a half. Incredible.

It seems like time has passed by so quickly since we got married.

A lot has happened in the last year and a half

>we moved nine hours away from our friends and family

>we set up residence in a brand new city

>we got new jobs

>we began living in a much lower tax bracket

>we started back to school

>we found a new church home

>we made new friends

>we began working in a new ministry

>we changed our direction slightly for ministry

>God is birthing a vision for children’s and family ministry

>we bought a scooter


I look forward to all that God has for us and the rest of our lives!

We are currently talking about a possible anniversary trip in October.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Goings On…

Lots going on…


Our move date has been pushed up a whole month and I am both excited and scared!!

I am ready and excited to be in the new apartment closer to school and church, but slightly scared because I have no idea how we are going to pull off a move in the middle of finals week and work!! It will work out somehow though, it always does.


We are making a trip home this weekend for a wedding and quick visit with my family and my best friend. Hubby is looking forward to seeing his college buddies again and hanging out with them. I am dreading putting on a dress for the occasion as I have gained so much weight and do not feel proud of the way I look. But it will be alright. I am looking forward to time with my momma and Neesie and Dad. We will be celebrating my 30th birthday early while we are there so that will be fun. Then we will stop by my best friend’s new house briefly before heading back home on Sunday. I can’t wait to see her as she is pregnant with her second child and I can’t wait to hug her so big and see her new house and my nephew!!


We have a busy weekend planned for Easter. We will be having several practices for our Kids Service that we are doing Saturday night. We will spend lots of time prepping children’s church for Saturday night as well as packets to hand out Sunday morning. We will be heading to our pastors house for lunch after church on Sunday and then afterward we will celebrate my 30th birthday with dinner and a trip to “The Cup” a cupcake place downtown that I have been dying to try!! Very exciting weekend!!

Semester Ends

Then finally the semester ends at the end of this month. I have several projects I hope to get finished on the road this weekend or first thing next week and then only two finals and a move sandwiched in between!!

Summer Begins

Summer will begin with a break from school during the month of May :) (big grin here).

My sweet sister in law will be coming to stay with us for a week at the beginning of June. When we take her home we will spend a weekend with Hubby’s family in south Alabama. And I am begging for a day at the beach during this trip.

I will begin my internship with our children’s pastors in May I believe.

I will open my availability up at work and be working more hours at Old Navy.

I will also be getting back to teaching (hopefully Stars) on Wednesday nights, which I am completely stoked about!!

Hubby and I will both be going to kid’s camp for a week in July! And then we will both start back to school, Hubby possibly sometime in July and me in August.

Busy Busy but we truly love every minute of once again being busy. Last summer was so different, as we had no friends, no connections; we were just attending a brand new church.

Then next year of our life will be CRAZY busy and hard but it will be more than worth it when we graduate and move into full-time ministry somewhere!! I am not convinced I am ready, it sounds so scary but God knows what He is doing and we will follow him.

Even with all of the busyness we will be having some fun…there will be pool time

with my (hopefully) new kindle,

trips to Silver Dollar City,

...and just relaxing any chance we get!!

So here’s to a great finish to the semester and a great summer!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It’s the little things...

>When I worship so freely I feel like I could float away

>When God uses me to really touch someone’s heart

>When my hubby takes me out for a fun day just because

>When my family just gets me and loves me

>When something I am so nervous about ends up going well

>When something I am confident in doesn’t go so well but I can learn from it

>When I can just sit on the sidewalk in the sunshine with pure happiness in my heart

>Hearing God whisper in my ear that He is in control and loves to blow me away

>When pieces of the puzzle of life just fall right into place and I had nothing to do with putting them there

>When I can plan but then take my hand off and let God really have his way instead

>When I am appreciated

>When I am not appreciated

>When I see glimpses of who I really am

>When a plan finally comes together and we can rest in them

>Dreaming of our future

>Understanding something new about the Bible that I never knew before and then going back to read it with this new understanding

>Using commentaries (love them)

>Reading fiction by my favorite author

>Hot Baths & Face Masks


>Hugs from kids at church (overwhelming joy)

>Peace that transcends all understanding that comes only from my Heavenly Father

>A deep worship song

>Pandora internet radio – Kari Jobe station

>Texts from special people telling me that I can do it

>Hearing that someone is proud of us

>When someone completely loves and accepts my husband

>When someone from home randomly thinks of us

>A hubby who is off to church to work with lil boys in Royal Rangers

Father, Your love is one of the most Beautiful things that I have ever experienced. Thank You. I have no other words, but Thank You. You alone Father are worthy to be praised. Thank you for making us better and better. Thank you for your leading and your conviction. Thank you Father for all of the little and not so little things as many of the things I listed are not so little really. Thank you Father for this life! In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Birthday Wishlist…

Kindle & Cute cover


My fav candles

My fav shoes

Pretty scarves

That’s all :) Hey a girl only turns 30 once!

Friday, April 01, 2011

The Girly Side of me loves

The beautiful bouquet of pink tulips my hubby gave me the other day.

A good long hot bubble bath.

Sparkling Grape Juice.

A good at home facial.

My new purple nail polish.

Dove Chocolates.