Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It’s the little things...

>When I worship so freely I feel like I could float away

>When God uses me to really touch someone’s heart

>When my hubby takes me out for a fun day just because

>When my family just gets me and loves me

>When something I am so nervous about ends up going well

>When something I am confident in doesn’t go so well but I can learn from it

>When I can just sit on the sidewalk in the sunshine with pure happiness in my heart

>Hearing God whisper in my ear that He is in control and loves to blow me away

>When pieces of the puzzle of life just fall right into place and I had nothing to do with putting them there

>When I can plan but then take my hand off and let God really have his way instead

>When I am appreciated

>When I am not appreciated

>When I see glimpses of who I really am

>When a plan finally comes together and we can rest in them

>Dreaming of our future

>Understanding something new about the Bible that I never knew before and then going back to read it with this new understanding

>Using commentaries (love them)

>Reading fiction by my favorite author

>Hot Baths & Face Masks


>Hugs from kids at church (overwhelming joy)

>Peace that transcends all understanding that comes only from my Heavenly Father

>A deep worship song

>Pandora internet radio – Kari Jobe station

>Texts from special people telling me that I can do it

>Hearing that someone is proud of us

>When someone completely loves and accepts my husband

>When someone from home randomly thinks of us

>A hubby who is off to church to work with lil boys in Royal Rangers

Father, Your love is one of the most Beautiful things that I have ever experienced. Thank You. I have no other words, but Thank You. You alone Father are worthy to be praised. Thank you for making us better and better. Thank you for your leading and your conviction. Thank you Father for all of the little and not so little things as many of the things I listed are not so little really. Thank you Father for this life! In Jesus precious name, Amen.


Jamie said...

I randomly think of you often and pray for you when I do! Oh, and who is your favorite fiction author?

Tabbie:) said...

Thank you for thinking of me and praying for me!! That makes me feel so good to know that.
I do the same for you!

My favorite fiction author is Karen Kingsbury. Christian Fiction. Writes amazing books!!

Jamie said...

Girl, I just finished "Unlocked." Tear jerker.... Man she's good! I also love Francine rivers and Lori wick.