Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Late night scare...

So the hubby, cat and I are all snuggled in for the night last night.
I was in fact falling into a rather NICE slumber.

Then there was a Noise...

The three of us jump...Mr. Wonderful jumps out of bed and heads down to check it out...

I'm thinking oh my someone's in the house and Mr. Wonderful has gone running down not knowing what he's gonna run into.

To me it sounded like someone knocked over the wrought iron candle sticks I have on the floor in the dining room.

Mr. Wonderful said it sounded like something fell down the bathroom sink.

He could find nothing out of place and noone in the apartment...THANK GOODNESS.

Mr. Wonderful said (prolly just to make me feel better) that he thought it came from the neighbor's apartment. (Yes you can hear almost everything from the neighbor's at times.)

Thankfully I slept fine the rest of the night too. Crazy noises can't stop this sleep machine!

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

Phew, glad it wasn't anything. That is scary!