Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Update

* I am still working on the Engagement Story to post...hopefully this weekend...I have to tell the story right you know *wink*

*New job is going good, hopefully next week I will get to learn more, I have been doing mostly busy work this week as the girl who is training me has been on vacation.

*Wedding plans are coming along beautifully!! Getting so much done and checking things off my to-do list left and right. Mr. Wonderful is so helpful and has just been a blessing I can't even tell you!!!

*I am going NEXT SUNDAY to buy a WEDDING DRESS!!! Wow the day every girl waits for. I am so excited!! All the moms will be there (4) and my Matron of Honor (referee if needed).

*Short engagements really ARE the BEST!!! I'm getting married in 4 months!!! I can't wait!!

*I know my blog is very neglected and I say I'm going to do better, I am trying. It's hard with a new job and no real internet at home. Maybe I can update every other day or so. I will do my best I promise!!

*Headed to Mobile tonight to have a QUICK visit with the future IN-LAWS. Yay!

*Father's Day is Sunday and hopefully we will have everyone together for it. I love those moments! It will be a great time, always is!!

*Okay gotta run now. Will try to at least do quick updates!! I miss blogging!!!


...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Can't wait to hear the engagment story!!!! :D

Congrats! And YAY for short engagements!!!!!

The Hairston's said...

I can't wait for the engagement story!!! I am so happy for you!! LOVE YOU!!

Lindsey said...

Aww enjoy wedding dress shopping, it was my fave part of wedding planning! Try on as many as possible, even the ones you think are too expensive because it's just fun to wear a $5,000 dress for once!=)

Jen said...

Have fun shopping! You won't see me on Sunday, we'll be at the beach :)