Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Engagement Story.

The story that will prove how truly Wonderful Mr. Wonderful is...

I came home from two weeks of kids camp that Saturday, the day of our One Year anniversary. I had 24 hours at home before I had to be back at camp. Mr. Wonderful was taking me out that night.

I of course took forever getting ready and was a little late. Mr. Wonderful sat in the car and waited patiently for me.

We were at least 30 minutes late for our Reservations. Mr. Wonderful made reservations at this really nice restaraunt. We did get to eat there anyway, thankfully. (Now mind you I did not find out until later that we had reservations and that I had made us extremely late. Mr. Wonderful never showed a sign of anger.)

We had a sweet and extremely yummy dinner. I noticed how different our conversation was from a year ago when we were on our first date and how different it felt to be on a date for our One Year anniversary. Quite nice. No nerves just love. (Ok that was cheesy but oh so true!)

After our yummy and sweet dinner Mr. Wonderful took me to the drive in to watch a movie we had been wanting to see. Night at the Museum 2. (No we didn't go "parking", get your mind outta there!!!)

Here comes kink #2 in Mr. Wonderful's night...

Uuumm I fell asleep during the movie. Mr. Wonderful is such a sweetie though he didn't even wake me up, he let me sleep. Even though he was thinking that it may not be such a good night to follow through with his plan. I had been so sick and working so hard at camp I just could NOT keep my lil eyes open.

On the way home I was a little grumpy...so sleepy and tired...and well I was maybe more than a little grumpy...but I really was trying hard not to ruin our One Year anniversary date by being grumpy.

Mr. Wonderful passed the road to take me home. I came a little unglued then. Here's how it went down keep in mind I had grumpy all in my voice and Mr. Wonderful is as calm as can be...well on the outside anyway:

Mr. Wonderful: I'm just gonna ride up here for a minute
Mr. Wonderful: Do you need something from the store?
Me: NO. (Thinking: I NEED TO GO TO BED!)
Mr. Wonderful: Yeah
Me: (Thinking: I really need to quit being so grumpy I am going to ruin our One year anniversary date. Chill out Tabbie. Get a grip.)

Mr. Wonderful pulls into a parking lot at a bench in my little town we normally walk to and sit at. We had gone there after a date before so I thought nothing about it. At this point I was thinking that Mr. Wonderful was trying to wake me up so that I could go home and re-pack for camp. So we sit on our bench and I start chatting up a storm and Mr. Wonderful can't get a word in at all.

After a few minutes I bring up the fact that even though I want to get married in October that we are running out of time. Here's how that conversation goes:

Me: You know it's now four months to the time we talked about getting married. We may not have enough time to plan a wedding, we may have to think about maybe not being able to get married then.
Mr. Wonderful: Four months is enough time to plan a wedding.
Me: Four months would be but not three or two or one month.
Mr. Wonderful: Four months is enough time to plan a wedding.
Me: (I turned my head because I was getting grumpy...I was thinking didn't WE JUST talk about this.)

When I turned back to him he was on one knee...BE STILL MY HEART...yeah I believe it actually stopped.

Mr. Wonderful (on one knee shaking and teary eyed): Will you make me the happiest man in the world? Would you be my wife?
Me: Mouth gaping open...nothing coming out..............................................
Me: Is this for real?
Mr. Wonderful (shaking even more): Yes this is real. And I really need you to give me an answer here!
Me: Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!

Mr. Wonderful then slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger. And I laughed and cried all at the same time.

It took me hours to really believe it was real. I love my ring and I love my Mr. Wonderful. I know he loves me since he still asked me to marry him even while I was so grumpy and unpleasant and even when I didn't answer him.

Poor guy, I was late, fell asleep, grumpy, and kept him waiting forever wondering what I was going to say. And he is still going to marry me...OCTOBER 17th!!

I cannot wait to be this man's wife. He is Wonderful!

My Beautiful Ring.
The Newly Engaged Couple.

I really had no idea it was coming. Looking back there were clues but I just didn't pick up on them. I quit allowing myself to think about getting engaged cause I just kept being so sad when it didn't happen.

It was SUCH a Wonderful night. Perfect. WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!


The Hairston's said...

Oh Tabbie!!! That is the sweetest ever!!! I am SO SO SO happy for you!!!

alyssa said...

congrats, Tabbie!!! i've missed reading your blog & glad to hear the good news!

Patrice said...

Such a sweet story! So happy for you! :)

Lindsey said...

Awwwww that is such a sweet story!!! And your ring is gorgeous!

You know what's funny - Garth proposed on our one year anniversary too!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

So sweet!! =)

Jen said...

Congrats! Now you will have the Fall wedding you always wanted :) :) Sweet!