Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Joyful & Honored

So I must say this week has been great! I have felt great physically- after a week of pain from my neck, back, and hips - I have been filled with Joy! Aaaahhh, I really have felt just wonderful. I am so excited about my commitment to spend my mornings with my Heavenly Father. It has made ALL the difference in me. I am thankful for it all!!

I have decided to try to incorporate pictures into my blog, it is always much more fun to see pictures in a blog. We'll see how this goes. I am enjoying this seasong of American Idol! In watching it last night I realized I could never have the courage to do what those talented contestants have done. Wow! I love to sing, but I desire only to sing for the Lord not for the world. And thank goodness too, I seriously do not think I could do it, I dont think I have that kind of talent first and second it would be hard to get up and sing and then take that kind of criticism in front of so many people. Wow! But I enjoy watching the show none the less and just love David Archuletta, that 17 year old cutie just blows me away. He is sweet and humble and was born to sing. He is my favorite thus far!
But alas my life does certainly contain more than American Idol...

My morning times have become my favorite times of the day. I love my new routine! Who would have thought it. Not me, I have never been very good at getting up in the mornings - especially not on time and most especially not early enough to have a routine of more than rushing like mad to get ready for work and be less than 15 mins late.

Today's routine:(today I added exercise into my routine)
Wake @ 5:45am
Walk on treadmill for 15 mins (trying this new walk-off-the-fat program I found on MSN)
Bible/Quiet time (Journal, Read, Pray, Listen) - 6:30-7:00
Get ready for work
Leave for work by 7:30am

Aaaahhh, I love it. I look forward to it.
Not to mention...I love my journal it's fabulous:
I have almost filled my second one...and will soon be purchasing my third...Love It!

My week has included some seems to need to go back to the shop, but my mechanic has the flu, my mom is struggling alot, upstairs TV died, Dad has the flu too, poor thing - I hope he feels better soon!! My mechanic too!! There has been drama at work but I have handled it well and just stayed focued on God.

And some exciting moments...Neesie starting her new job-I am so proud of her & I know this is her calling & I know she is going to change so many lives-I am really so proud of her! The upstairs TV was revived(who knew unplugging would work), got to visit mom and Jacob on a sunny extended lunch and bless work load at work has been managable, and that is nice for a change, it will change again as busy season hits but for now I am enjoying it...It's only Wednesday morning and I am sure there are other exciting things in store.

I am excited about what God has in store tonight. I know He desires to rock our socks off again tonight like He did last week. Wow, talk about amazing. Last week youth was incredible. Kids were filled with the Holy Spirit, I got to pray with a young lady as God did some MAJOR healing and work in her, and then some of us tarried in the presence of the Lord, and God set a fire in the hearts of three amazing young ladies to pray for the youth group and interceed for them, they invited me to pray with them...and Sunday afternoon we spent some time together praying and battling for the youth group. Amazing. God is working. He is up to something big. And I am so honored to be a part of it. He is up to something in the youth and He is up to something in Children's Church. One Generation Boot camp has been amazing. The kids are reading their bibles and hiding God's Word in their hearts. Wow!! And God has been teaching us about our Weapons and how to use them and wow it is just amazing. Our kids are Amazing and wonderful and I am so very very honored to get to be a part of their lives and their journey. I love spending time with them every week and see the things God is doing in them. I am so honored to be called to such an incredible ministry! HONORED!

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