Saturday, September 26, 2009

Late Night Randoms

Randoms...cause it's all I got

I miss blogging alot

I get to have another Wedding Shower tomorrow

We are INCREDIBLY blessed

This has been an incredible week

I am once again excited about the Wedding

I have reached a place of peace with everything

When God said He would bring peace to all those around me...well He did...and it included me too

NONE of the good things in my life would be possible without JESUS and His salvation and perfect plan

I'm getting MARRIED in THREE weeks

It's just now really starting to sink in...I'm getting married

I thought the wait was never gonna end...then it did...and now unbelievable things are taking place

Mr. Wonderful really is a Good Man

I am blessed, so blessed, God, Mr. Wonderful, Incredible Family, Amazing friends

I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about everything coming together for the wedding...I just want everyone to have a good time and feel loved and's really not easy to be a least not the kind of Bride I want to be...I just hope I DO indeed think of EVERYTHING

Some things are possibly impossible

I have begun to seriously pray over my wedding day and that I will NOT spend the entire day crying

I have cried EVERYDAY over something for months and months now...its truly RIDICULOUS

In my defense I am going through a transition time and that is always hard and well I am getting Married...and that in and of itself is enough to bring tears to my eyes right now...especially after the nearly eight year wait

Three words about that...TOTALLY WORTH IT

I must get in bed and get some sleep so that I can be fresh for the Shower tomorrow.

I will say, the plan is for us to get internet after we get hopefully I will get to make a come back to blogland...I do truly miss it!!!

Night World...Rather Good Morning...Father, I give you this entire day and Everything in it. Lord I am thankful deep deeply Thankful and Grateful to Everyone for all they have done and given, help me to show it properly tomorrow and not hurt anyone's feelings. Father help tomorrow and EVERYDAY forward be what You want it to be and help me to know Your Peace Daily.
I love you my Heavenly FAther and I am truly in awe of You and all You are doing. It's indescribable!!

Night Night.


AmyKristen said...

Love your random thought! :)

Lindsey said...

THREE WEEKS!!! It will be here before you know it, YAYAYA!