Monday, October 21, 2013


I cannot believe that it is already so close to the end of another year! Wow, how times flies as you get older!

Marshall and I just celebrated our FOUR year anniversary, which just seems crazy! We had a sweet day in Branson just walking through shops and we had a nice dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, thanks to Pastor Appreciation month!
Hubby and I on our way to Branson for the day!
 Our Pumpkin for our 4th Anniversary pic.
My Handsome Hubby at Branson Landing
Hubby & I on Main Street in Branson
Pumpkin Pic
Over a week ago we got to celebrate with my brother Jared as he married the beautiful Hannah! It was such a beautiful wedding and Marshall and I were so very glad that we got to be there in Chicago with them! I have never seen my brother look at anyone the way he looks at Hannah and I am so happy for them and can't wait to see what God has in store for their lives together. I pray that work for them slows down so that they get a chance to enjoy life together! I can't wait to see thier brand new house! What an exciting new start for them!  So happy and excited and full of love and pride for them!
 Mr. & Mrs. Jared Wiggins!
Their happy exit!

Marshall and I are both officially done with school. We both now have our diplomas from Central Bible College! How incredible is that! When we began this journey three years ago, it was hard to see the end in sight and there were certainly moments (mostly math moments) when I felt like I would never make it and actually get that diploma! But thanks to the support of our family and friends we both did make it! It feels great to have accomplished that together!
 We did it!

We are absolutely loving life in ministry! I feel like we still have SO much to learn and so much growing to do! We just have SO much fun in Kids Church teaching and playing with the kids! We have seemingly found a nice rhythym ministering together and I cannot wait to see how God grows us and changes us as the years continue to pass by at lightning speed!

Our 3rd Sunday Team! Love these amazing workers so much!
The kids love the new BGMC wishing well!!
My precious Girls Only class! Oh they all have my heart!!
 Pastor Appreciation lunch with one of our students/workers! Love Titus!
God is always so faithful and loving! We are so blessed with the wonderful students, friends, staff, and family in our lives!

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