Saturday, February 08, 2014

Life these days...He is Faithful

Life these days is filled with peace and contentment.

Both hubby and I are enjoying our jobs and we are thankful that God has been so faithful to provide us with jobs that we really enjoy. 

We have also been having such a Wonderful time getting to know everyone at church and we love that we do not feel new. We feel like we have always been here. We love our kids and youth and the adults here. We love our bible study groups and the time that we get to pour out and be pour into.

It is quite an amazing feeling to be exactly where God wants us and to know that He has come before us to prepare the way, there is simply no other reason that this transition has been so smooth.  

There is so much that we have to look forward to and I cannot wait to see what else God has prepared for us.

God has already been so faithful. God has always been so faithful. God will forever be faithful!

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