Monday, July 07, 2014

Refighting Battles

Let's face our lives we have battles to fight. Personal battles, family battles, all kinds of battles!

And I find that there are times when you just have to re-fight some battles.

I am currently re-fighting and relearning a battle. I find that I pour absolutely all of me out to others and I tend to have these expectations of what the receipt of that will be and I find that I am disappointed. And it truly is silly silly things that I expect and desire and don't get.

So within myself I am re-fighting that battle and fighting to get back to the place where I can pour out and not expect ANYTHING in return.

In my head I know that the reason to pour out my love is not to receive something in return but I am human and I do find myself getting caught in that trap of disappointment and heartbreak.

I suppose I just want to re-learn and win this battle again!

Such is and re-fighting battles.

Lord, I give you this battle that I am currently re-fighting and I ask you to help me to learn what You want to teach me in this. Help me to love unconditionally. I truly desire a greater capacity to love! In Jesus name. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I am the SAME way!! I don't even realize that I have these expectations - it's not really intentional. But then something happens, and people aren't there for me like I was for them, and... well... I get really sad.

But you are so right!! I definitely need to fight that battle over and over again.

PS: Sorry I've been MIA... this move has been kicking my butt. BUT now we should be good to go - internet getting installed at the new place today. Wooooot!!