Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Heart Change…the HARD way…

I remember when I decided that I could indeed GO in order to spread the gospel, and by go I mean to another state. 

You see my husband and I had a wonderful position at a wonderful church but it was 10-12 hours away from family. We chose to leave that position to move closer to family.

Well now it is 2.5 years later and I have had a complete change of heart…

I have learned many lessons in these 2.5 years one of which is this:

Distance does not have to have anything to do with relationship. Crazy talk it seems. I thought that too when we lived 10-12 hours away. However, I have found since being back in our home state that our relationship with our families has not changed much. We still love each other the same and we still get excited to see each other when we can. The only difference is that we get to see them a few more times a year.

What has happened in my heart recently is this...either way (home state or away) we must make a sacrifice. We must either sacrifice a bit of time with our families…not all time with our families but most…or ministry.

We are CALLED TO GO. We are CALLED TO MINISTER. We do not love our families any less we just realized that we must GO and DO what GOD has CREATED US TO DO. We simply have not been able to do that here unfortunately. Trust me we tried and have kept trying and have met walls everywhere we have turned, some have been very ugly and hurtful walls.

God doesn’t care what it takes to teach us the things that we need to learn, that is the bottom line.

I prefer to learn lessons without all the pain, heartache, and difficulty but I must be absolutely hardheaded because I seem to learn most of my lessons the hard way.

So there it is. We are READY once again to GO. 

I honestly cannot wait until God sends us out again! I am ready tomorrow LORD SEND US!

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I love this. :)