Friday, June 02, 2006

My own battle song!

This blog is broken in two was started weeks ago and finished today

You ever feel like you should have your own battle song you fight so much...seems like all my life I have been fighting...can't decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing...depends on which day you ask me...well I know this God created me with incredible determination...and I know HE is the only reason I have made it through...this world creates unsafety, guilt, abuse, worthlessness, shame, hatred, and I have fought it all...I have fought it since I was a child...some days I get tired...more tired that I can express...some days I get determined and fired up for battle...some days I get numb...some days I get happy...some days I experience it I am learning and teaching is I am worth it...who...ME...who...YOU...the battles we fight are because WE are worth it...some days I do not feel worth it...but that's when I hold on to what Pastor Tim told me not too long ago..."Don't let your feelings dictate what you know"...what do I know?:
God made me with a plan and purpose
I am His daughter
God loves me unconditionally
God's WORD is just as important as the relationship with Him - it's one of the things that holds the relationship together.

Second part

I feel really good lately about the battle. I feel like we are winning. We who? You ask. Jesus and me. He is the ONLY way for me to get through this. But I feel good. It isnt always easy, but I believe I am making some headway. I want nothing more than to be victorious. For myself but especially for those involved. My present family and my future family. This is my year of Victory I am believing that with all my heart. Maybe next year will hold something different for me. But I dont want to skip ahead to that yet. I mean I do but not before I have the victory I need in my life.
You know I am truly blessed. I really am. I am thankful for what God has done, and what He is doing and what He has given and continues to give. I am thankful, grateful, and content! That is a GREAT place to be! I am thankful to be back here!!
Well this second half has to be short as I have many many things to do here at work!!
Fighting On!


neesie said...

Wow! this was written before we went to women of faith and they too used the term battle song! Your battle song will touch many as you sing it over them. It will encourage others to fight on. Later many will not believe the threads woven in the tapestry of your song. For to them you will be whole completely healed and they will not have seen the battles you won to arrive at this place until they hear your song. They will be in shock but you will know.... and the strength and the peace, the love and the God that you offer will change their lives forever.
Love you!

Tabbie:) said...

It's funny that when I tell people things that used to be me they are like no yes I know you are right...I am thankful my life can help really does make it all worth it. Thank you for ALWAYS supporting me. You and Jesus are my two strongest alies...I couldnt live without you...thanks for standing by me even when I was tearing you down...I hope that is the past now!! I am fighting for me and for you!! I love you so very much!! I hope for the rest of my life I can prove that with my actions and my words!! I couldnt have come as far as I have come without you...I have learned much of what I teach from you!! Thank you for being obediant to the Lord...your obediance to HIM has FOREVER changed my life!!