Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Welcome to 2008!

Year of the Spirit


Comfort is not an option

I must say that I love New Years, I love the opportunity to start fresh, clean the slate and move forward. I wish there were another point right smack in the middle of the year to do such. But I'll take what I have and that's New Years!

So far in 2008...

I have EXCITEMENT...oh boy do I have excitement...I am excited to be on a diet...more excited to BE on the diet than the small amout of weight I have lost thus far...go WW...lovin it...I am excited to be on a budget...silly I know but I guess what I like really about these things is that I am diciplining myself...and I like the feeling of changing for the good!

I feel GOOD about Me...for a year or more me hasn't been doing so good, me has been lost lost lost...lost in a valley that was far and wide...I feel myself climbing out of that valley...being washed in the Word...and finding new hope and strength on the climb up...and again I am EXCITED about that!!

I fasted TV for a week...well I have two days left on the fast but I am thoroughly enjoying feels a bit like a slow down to's nice to hear the quiet and to study the word without anticipating what I am going to be watching later...I am unsure what I will do TVwise after the fast...I think I need to be TV free much more than I have been maybe I will designate days that the TV doesn't get turned on!

So with that said I am ready for a New Year and a new Me...and I believe God is going before me to prepare the way!! I am submersing myself in the Word...and feeling quite refreshed...I am EXCITED about the ministry this New Year will hold and I am ready to give of myself like I used to. I can't wait...I'm EXCITED!!!

It's so cool how this year is beginning with going back to the basics...with diet - WW(Weight Watchers)!!!, budget - I have a new planner and I am planned down to the dollar and down to the minute!!!!, Children's Church - One Generation Boot Camp!!!!!!!!, Youth - Inside Out series!!! - but it's all so personal for me...I think it's all apart of God's great plan for me this year...taking me back and building me stronger!!!


Onward and Forward and Up!!

2008 here I come!!


this year belongs to you, I pray that you would appoint every step and every opportunity that is to come. I pray that I would be lead SOLEY by YOU. Thank You for the EXCITEMENT you have placed in me and thank You for bringing me back to me...the me You created me to be. Thank You for your never ending work in me...may I be simply a willing vessel this year...for your heart is to impact your kingdom in a positive way...I pray for souls to be won this year...many many many souls...I pray for walls to be torn down in hearts...I pray for healing...deep healing...I pray for You to be Glorified in all I GET to do this year. I love you Father, and I live to serve You. Thank You for all the opportunites you give me to do so, may I make you proud in this New Year. In Jesus name! Amen!

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Anonymous said...

He is proud of you! and so am I!
I hope your new year is filled with lots of God and happy moments and suprises. I hope you enjoy being you the you you lost.

You are an incrediable big sister and daughter!
Love you!