Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy Busy Week

Oh my has it been a busy busy week.

I am thoroughly exhuasted from it and next week is even busier but great cause it's KIDS CAMP time!!

Here's a little recap of my week:

Monday: At the church helping set up for the Graduation Banquet
Tuesday: I took a sweet lady to the Doctor downtown and watched American Idol with friends
Wednesday: Took myself to the doctor then went to church then watched the American Idol Finale with friends
Thursday: I had two interviews and then I picked my sweet Tater up from the vet and babied him and laundry
Friday: At the church to get ready for Kids Camp then another Doctors appointment and laundry
Saturday: Headed to church to pack up for camp, and headed to camp to set up and practice then home to hang out with Mr. Wonderful and his parents who will be in town for the weekend
Sunday: Breakfast with my family and the we are having a school's out movie party with the kids and I can't wait to get in the floor with them and hang out and watch a movie, then we are headed to camp for the week.

Hopefully I will get to spend the week at camp but it is possible that I will have a job to start next week. In that case I will spend the week learning a new job and getting accustomed to driving in traffic once again. I have not done that in nine years. I am of course on the fence as far as next week. I want so badly to just get to be at camp and work and minister, but at the same time I really need a job and need the peace that comes with having a job once again.

I know that whatever next week holds is up to my Heavenly Father and I know that He knows best.

I am thankful that I will at least get Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at camp for sure and I can not wait to pour myself into Children's Ministry. That is my heart.

Shameless Plug: God has shared with me the most amazing man and I am SO Blessed. I can't believe how blessed I am. It truly shocks me on a regular basis. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this man. Thank You Father.

I know my posts have been sporatic lately...and my readers have all but gone. Hope you will all tune back in on occasion.


JMBMOMMY said...

Love how you trust our Father--camp or job...up to you God. Very cool. :)

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the update friend!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

left you an award on my blog:-)

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Glad to see yall are doing well! =)