Saturday, December 12, 2009

Serious Apprecitaion...

This weekend Mr. Wonderful and I came to visit his mom in Mobile & to have Christmas with this side of the family!! So excited to give our gifts!! I love that feeling, being excited to give a gift. I don't always get that cause I am not always successful at finding a gift I know someone will love, especially on a budget. But anyway headed off on a rabbit trail with that one.

Let me get to the real reason for this blog post, what my serious appreciation is for...

So we came to Mobile to have Christmas with family and to work. Mr. Wonderful had taken up his mom's district to help out and to make a little extra money. We had decided that this would be the last time he would do this since the drive is so hard on his car (it's very old but still going and we need it to continue to go!!). Last time we were down (Thanksgiving) I went and worked with him so that we could get through quicker. It was kind of fun. It was work but I got to be with my hubby so that made it so bad.

This time coming down we knew it would be the last time and we had alot of stores to do. I volunteered to help again. I had now idea what I was getting myself into this time. We got up and out the door at 5:30am. I didn't work the first few hours of the day I got to have coffee and some quiet/devotional/fun reading time. But when the work began...PHEW.

Let me just say that my sweet little hubby...PUT ME TO WORK!!! We had so much to do and together as a team we got it done. We finished the last store for the day around 7:30 pm. Boy oh boy was I tired.

So I started this blog post out with a serious appreciation for one thing and now my serious appreciation has totally changed...

My first thought of a serious appreciation was...for my desk job!!! Cause wow were my feet mad at me for being up on them ALL day!!! My feet were killing me so bad.

As I was writing this blog my serious appreciation and heart changed a great deal. My serious appreciation is for my Wonderful husband and how hard he works to provide for us. How his heart was directed at holding his mom's job for her when she could go back to work. My serious appreciation if for and incredible God who put the two of us together to make a GREAT team. We can work side by side and get the job done. We work well together and enjoy being with the other. I think we are VERY blessed in that way. Especially from hearing many many stories of husbands and wives that are so separate in their lives. We truly are a GREAT team. So my heart and my appreciation changed as I thought of what we accomplished together in a day and a half of work. (We worked 12 hrs straight yesterday and another 5 hours today.)

So today I appreciate a hard working Wonderful husband. I appreciate my desk job or rather my feet appreciate my desk job. And I appreciate a Heavenly Father who one gave me this Wonderful husband and two put together such a great team.

Father I appreciate you and your faithfulness and loving kindness and your plan for our lives!
Mr. Wonderful I appreciate you and all your hard work and how you take care of me and for all you do for us!
Desk job my feet and I appreciate you as well.

Today I am feeling serious appreciation! Now for a nap maybe, shower definitely, & then CHRISTMAS fun for the rest of the day!!

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Lindsey said...

Awww you are such a supportive little wife, love it!