Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Review

Twas the weekend of goodbyes…

We spend Friday night and Saturday at the lake with my family. We had a good time just relaxing together and being together. Family is such a treasure and I love my family with all of my heart. I am so thankful for their love and support always always!! They have always stood behind me and believed in me and I am who I am because of it and I have the courage to do what I am doing because of it!! I am so very very thankful that God chose to share them with me they are treasures and I will miss seeing them every week so much!! But I will definitely be looking forward to Christmas to see them again if they cannot make it up to our new home before then! (Pictures from the weekend to come, they are on my families camera as mine is lame! So I have to wait for an email or thumb drive!!)

We will get to have dinner with them Thursday before we leave so it’s not goodbye with them just yet. (Oh boy that’s gonna be hard!)

Our last Sunday at our beloved church…

I thought I would fall apart completely but let me tell you this…


I realized weekend before last that I did not want to go into this with a grieving spirit. I wanted to go into this with a healthy spirit and strength and dignity. I prayed hard over it and God is faithful.

I feel like I handled myself very well this weekend!!

It was very important for me to make this okay for the kids, youth, and adults that I would be saying goodbye to this weekend.

I planned a party for my Sunday School class and we had a good time eating cup cakes and taking down the old decorations in the room and playing Simon Says and Hangman! Those games are ALWAYS classics!! We had fun and talked only lightly about my leaving.

In Children’s Church we sang several songs, played games, then Mr. Wonderful and I got up and shared a little bit with the rest of the kids about what we are doing and thanked them for letting us be a part of their lives and thanked our incredible pastors for allowing us to be a part of their ministry. I did cry during that part. Then we spent some time in worship and then…This is the part I cried the most…the kids with the sweetest lil hands and sweetest lil voices came and prayed for Mr. Wonderful and my. It was such a beautiful moment! Anytime children pray for me it breaks me completely!! I am so thankful for their prayers!!! Then our wonderful Pastors prayed for us as well. We are so thankful for their prayers too and so thankful for their support in this and for such a SWEET SWEET send off.

We were also very blessed with a basket of cards and monetary gifts. God is faithful. He used many yesterday to show us His faithfulness again and we are so thankful, humbled, and BLESSED! We feel very loved and cherished and missed already. It’s wonderful knowing what a great family we have here.

Sunday evening we had our small group meeting and had a great time fellowshipping with great people who have also supported us and encouraged us as we were jobless, in our new jobs, and now in our new adventure. A truly great group of people that we have come to love dearly! We will miss our monthly meetings with them as well!

That was our weekend! This week is full of goodbyes too, the big ones. Sheesh! I am praying for strength!! We work until Wednesday, Thursday is our running around day and packing day, Friday we will pack, load the truck, & clean the apartment. Saturday we are off. Our new journey begins at 4:00am.

We are ready, in spite of the hard moments, to see what God has in store for us. We trust and believe fully in our Faithful Heavenly Father, our Lord, our Provider, our Savior. We are ready to follow HIM!!

I’ll tell you this, were it not for knowing without a doubt that this is GOD’S will, I would not be brave enough to follow through with it. I know God has a plan and this is part of it and I want to please Him and be in the center of HIS will more than anything else.

Father I pray that we make you proud, that we make our families and pastors and friends proud that we make the kids and the youth proud. Father I pray that we stay in the Center of YOUR WILL no matter how hard it may be. Thank YOU for YOUR faithfulness!! I love you Father and I trust YOU. Be with us this week and all the weeks ahead for we cannot and do not want to do this without YOU!!

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