Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Recap with Photos (1/16-1/22)

This week I wanted to do a spin on the project 365 I see all over the here goes...

Sunday: I totally meant to get a pic of Children's Church but I forgot :( Fail! We woke up too late to go to the 8:30 service but we made it to Children's Church and had a GREAT time!! We both weeped as we watched the kids pray for the kids around the world, it was very moving. After church we spent a relaxing day at home and rented some movies that evening. Hubby surprised me with my favorite treat from Mickey D's!!

Monday: MLK day so I was out of school and both Hubby and I were both off work so we both got to sleep in! I woke up first and spent some time in the Word (so thankful for this time as you just never know what each day holds...gotta be ready!!). Hubby got up later and called his mom who had a Dr. apt and we found out that the cancer has spread in her body again and she will begin Chemo again on Monday. It was a rough day for us. We cried and prayed a lot. We spent the afternoon doing some exchanging and shopping things we received for Christmas and then we lounged around the house taking it easy, and at the end of the day we enjoyed our new Foot Spa we bought earlier in the day with a gift card (we have been wanting one of these for a while)!!

Tuesday: Hubby worked 6-12 and I had classes until 2, came home spent some time praying and reading my bible while enjoying some yummy coffee, then I worked 5-10.

Wednesday: Hubby took me to class and hung out at the library until time for Chapel, while I was in my afternoon class Hubby grocery shopped, we came home made a lil lunch and then I headed off to work from 4-10.

Thursday: I took hubby to work since it was freezing and it had snowed (Hubby worked from 6-12), I came back home and slept until leaving for class at 9, it had snowed even more! All afternoon classes were cancelled because of the snow and temp dropping so I went to pick Hubby up from work and took him to donate plasma, afterward we came home (I had the night off of work) and spent the rest of the evening making dinner (Fajitas) and watching a movie (complete with popcorn)! As you can see from the pics below it was a cold snowy day!!

Friday: I had two classes in the morning then came home and studied a bit (I love Fridays because I get home by 10:45 am!!), Hubby had to work from 2-6, and then I worked from 4-10!

Saturday: I worked 9-12:30 and Hubby worked 12:00-4. After work we debated a while on what to do for dinner and while on the way to Ruby Tuesday we decided to go to Golden Corral instead. We CHEATED big time on our diets but enjoyed it very much!! We spent the rest of the evening on the sofa watching NCIS & HGTV (and me working on this post).

It has been quite a week! Full of prayer and trusting God!! Full of snow and learning to function in it!! Full of time at home which I am so thankful for!! Unfortunately NOT full of reading and school work...I have got to get on the ball and get motivated!!! Maybe tomorrow!!!

I really enjoyed taking pics each day and thinking about making this post. As you can tell some days I got carried away and some days it was an afterthought and I had to scramble to get a pic or pics for the day!! I plan to do this again for as long as I can keep it up!! I think it will be fun to look back on how we spent our days in this incredible time in our lives!!

What we know is GOD IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE!! We are trusting him completely and following His lead!!! We do not always understand things but we choose to trust our creator!!!

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