Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We have been enjoying a really lovely Fall!! We have had a month of BEAUTIFUL fall weather and have had our door and window open almost everyday!!!

We bought bikes last week and have gone one two rides and have loved it!! I love being outside with my Hubby!!

I dropped Physical Science & Lab after much praying and fretting and have picked up Church Ed. to independent study!

Looks like I may not be returning to Old Navy to work for the Holidays.  I hope that I can just keep plugging away at school during break and finish strong.

Next month is going to be an extremely busy month for school, I need to stay busy and organized!

My husband is amazing.

My family are amazing and wonderfully loving.

Lil Ronni is doing well, her freshman year is going much better than expected.  I know God is among us and working in this.  Mr. Ronnie had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be having surgery soon.  I know this will work out!

I still do not understand the timing of all of this, with us being so far away, but I know that God has a plan and a purpose for everything and I am simply trusting in Him and not trying to understand it all because I know that I cannot.

I have been so unbearably grumpy and moody lately and I hate it.  I do not want to be this moody person!!  I just want to be joyful and have my emotions well balanced.

Work is going well for Hubby and he is plugging away at school!!  I think we are just both so ready to be done with this schooling part of life.  He has been studying for so much longer than me so I know he must be ready to be done.  But we are so excited about what we are learning in this time in life and I know God will get us through and we will have more of the skills and knowledge we will need to minister full-time for HIM.

Church is going great!!  Learning and experiencing SO much!!!

I was nominated to be a part of a mentoring group called Seasons and I am excited to be mentored and be surrounded my incredible peers the next two semesters!!  God is faithful!!

That is all for now as I am going to go cook din din for Hubby and me!!  

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