Thursday, September 01, 2011

Life these days.

    My second week of my last semester is almost over!!  This is going to be a long but rewarding semester!!  I am exhausted but excited about what I get to learn and that graduation is getting closer and closer everyday.  I am loving Chapel and just diving into worship these days!  I have three classes with my brother and I love love love that.  He is growing up and fast and I am loving our time here together preparing for ministry!!!  I love that kid!

    Hubby finished his first term with an 'A'!!!  I am so very very proud of him. His next term is going to be a tough one but I know that he is going to do wonderful!!!  I love this man, he is just amazing and I am happy to share life with him!!!

     I am done with my informal internship and had a great summer doing it over the summer.  I am still heavily involved but won't be going to the church twice a week to meet.  Right now I am getting to work really hard training up the crew members and just praying for lots and lots of wisdom there!!  I am also getting to co-teach the Girl's Only club.  So excited about this adventure and being used by God to pour into these precious precious girl's lives!!!

     Before leaving Alabama I began praying that God would provide friends.  It has been a long lonely road here for me, until recently that is.  I have connected with a wonderful lady and I know she is an answer to prayer for me.  I am still being cautious because I have just fooled myself too many times, but I believe that this lovely lady (Stacy is her name) is going to be one of those real friends.  She has three beautiful daughters and a very kind husband.  I am thankful for the time that I get to spend with her.  This week we took a new step and began praying for each other, I love that in friendship.  I fully believe that friends should sharpen each other and challenge each other.  So I am still walking cautious but I just have  a feeling about this one.  I hope my feeling is right!!!  

Those are the goings on here lately.  I am about to go do a little shopping for myself and then grocery shopping while hubby is at work and then come home and cook some din din and study study study!!! 

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andrea said...

what a busy time for you! yet so exciting! school will be done before you know it! and God does know your need for friendship! Blessings as you let go and feel safe with this precious gift!!!