Monday, October 17, 2011


Happy Two Year Anniversary to my Hubby!!

I thought I would take you all on a quick two year journey!! Enjoy!!

Wedding Day! October 17th 2009.

 Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Trotter!!
 We moved to Missouri
 Big Move
 Studying Begins
 Here to Study about God
 FIRST Anniversary
 We celebrated ONE Year

We jumped into Ministry:
Bobby Rockit
 Girls lost
 Marshall the Martian
 Boys lost
 We have LOVED each other through it all!!

I am beyond blessed to have this man as my Husband!!  I give all Glory to God for this journey we are on!! God is so faithful and has brought us through a lot already!!  We are trusting HIM completely for our future!! These past two years have been adventurous and wonderful, scary and hard, but I would not trade this life or this journey with my God and my Husband for anything!!!  I am more in love with both my God and my Husband than ever before!! God is Good!!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband!!  You still make me feel like I felt in this picture!!!  I love you with all of my heart and I believe in you like I have never believed in anyone before!!  I am honored to share this journey with you!! You make my live wonderful!! You are truly a wonderful Hubby!! I am so thankful for you everyday!!  Thank You Heavenly Father for sharing this man with me!!  I pray that we honor YOU in all we do!! Continue to lead us and guide us on this journey of love!!  We trust YOU and we will follow You!!  


andrea said...

congrats!!! you are a beautiful bride! you have done so many things in these past 2!
go on and celebrate!

Lindsey said...

Aww Congrats sweet friend! I loved seeing your journey unfold, so sweet!