Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HIS Protection

I am recognizing God's hand of protection in my life right now, where as I could not recognize it previously.  I am thankful.  I know that He knows so much better than me the things that are best and that I do not always get to understand the whys usually.  He, however, has a plan for everything and as I continue to learn to trust Him he continues to be faithful even when I do not understand. What a great great Father!!  

In a particular situation where I have given my heart in new ways that I never expected to give, God is protecting me and up until now I did not understand certain things.  I see just a bit more clearly and God get's the glory for that.

God gets the glory for allowing me to give my heart in such a way, God gets the glory for His protection in my life, God gets the glory for the bit of understanding that my heart experienced these past few days, God gets ALL of the Glory!!

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