Sunday, November 06, 2011

The difference it makes...

Tonight I am absolutely astounded at the difference it makes in young ladies to be consistently told of their worth from a young age and that it is not found in others.

Absolutely astounded.

Parents, Leaders, Friends...please understand that it makes such a difference to talk to the young ladies in your life and continually tell them that they have worth and that it is not found in others!  Their worth is found in Jesus alone.

In one instance my heart hurts more than I have words to even express.  I am praying and continually pouring in the affirmations as I have opportunity, but it is somewhat new information for this young lady and she has yet to see it lived out before her in the people that she has been surrounded by most in her life.  Sad, hard, and it is so very frustrating because I SEE HER WORTH and she does not understand it at all.

I the other instance my heart is filled with such pride that I can't express fully.  I have seen this young lady reach out for the wisdom of those around her, take it into serious and heartfelt consideration, and then act on what she has learned from that wisdom.  I have seen her stand up for herself because she understands and knows that she is worth more and that she does not have to settle for what she can have right now because she is desperate to have that kind of acceptance.  It is not about acceptance from a guy or people for her.

Two very different young ladies.  Two very different circumstances growing up.  Two very different results.

My heart truly breaks and soars tonight.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to pour into both of these young ladies the wisdom that others have poured into me.  I am thankful for a God who never gives up on His daughters & who gives opportunities for them to hear their worth.

Father please let your wisdom and love permeate these precious hearts of your daughters.  Please bring understanding of worth and your purpose and plan into their lives and hearts.  Father I know that what you can do in the life of a daughter who has never heard of their worth or never been taught where to find their worth, You have worked that miracle in my life and I ask you to work that miracle in this life of this young lady who is headed down the wrong path quickly.  I pray for opportunities to speak into her life and that you would soften her heart to hear and understand what You have for her. I know you have a purpose and a plan for her life.  I ask you to protect her and change her heart and I pray that you would pour out your wisdom into her life as you have mine and beyond.  I thank you Father for the wisdom you poured into my life and I thank you for the privilege to share that wisdom with others.  In Jesus name. Amen

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