Monday, March 17, 2014


My sweet hubby and I are such a little old couple inside. We have decided that we would like to be regulars at this wonderful little restaurant just down the road from our house called the Mason Jar. So we have created "Mason Jar Mondays".

This little restaurant is one of the cutest, friendliest and yummiest little places ever. They serve their drinks out of blue tinted mason jars and they have homemade root beer and different flavors of lemonade.

I also have to say that the food is...Wonderful!!

Hubby and I have not tried anything that we haven't liked and have tried only one thing that we would likely not order again but we are glad that  we tried it anyway.  They serve good home cookin. Great appetizers and great entrees!

We sit in the same booth if possible and if not possible we sit on the same side of the room! How fun is that!

We have been slowly introducing ourselves to the waitresses who are all sweet country high school students.  We are enjoying meeting them!!

We love our new little town and are really excited to see what our future holds here as we plant roots and become 'regulars'!

I love that we are such a little old couple already! It makes my heart happy!

Hubs and I had our Mason Jar Monday tonight and laughed almost all the way through dinner and then we headed off to Sams to get our headlights cleaned and we laughed our way through the store and the whole time we were waiting for our car to be finished!  I LOVE THAT OUR RELATIONSHIP IS BUILT ON LAUGHTER! It just makes life better!!

Well that is all for tonight! Night Night world, I am going to laugh some more with my love!

Lord, thank you for this sweet husband of mine, thank you for bringing the one that would add so much laughter and love to my life! You knew exactly what I needed to balance me! Thank you for loving me so much that you plan such amazing gifts! Thank you for sharing this man with me! Thank you for this sweet little town that you have placed us in, help us to be a blessing to this community and help us to know exactly where you want us to put down our roots here! We love you and trust you and we will continue to follow you! In Jesus name, Amen.

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