Saturday, November 08, 2014

Broken vs. Whole

This weekend I saw once again the clear differences between children brought up in broken homes vs. whole homes.

I recognized a new that broken homes create a feeling of unsafety that is quite lasting in the hearts and lives of the children.

I recognized many things in my own 33 year old self who came from a very broken home but has had the incredible honor to be a part of a whole family for the last ten years.

As I shared my home with three teenagers I saw a clear dividing line between the two of us who are from broken homes and the two that are from whole homes.

The many differences included:
Safety vs. Danger
Secure vs. Insecurity
Freedom vs. Captivity

The differences hit me so clearly and brought about a brand new realization that having a mom and a dad who stay committed to each other and their families makes all the difference in the lives of their children and Im sure the difference is felt in their own lives as well.

And even though I have been so incredibly blessed to be a part of a whole family this last ten years the effects of my broken childhood are still quite lasting and that is surprising and yet not surprising to me.
What a difference a firm foundation makes in the Entire lives of children. Wow!

I am thankful for the healing that has occurred in my life in the last decade but I wonder if there are things that will be part of who I am that stem from my childhood years.

I believe that God can change and heal completely and believe that He is doing that In my life and heart still to this day but what a difference that foundation makes in the journey. I would likely have very different battles to fight yet still battles.

My thoughts are rambly but I am just astounded. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow. How heartbreaking, but incredible that you could see such a defined difference. I'm glad you have found so much healing and hope that the same comes to those you noticed similar feelings in.