Thursday, April 07, 2005


well this could be fun!! I have never had a blog but it seems pretty cool. Seems like a place to just spill whatever thoughts come across your brain and your friends and anyone else who finds you can comment. So here goes...are you scared yet, lol...

Let's see, I am tired of being sick that is for sure, first being sick at stomach and now this whole chest and throat thing. Yuck!! Pray I get well and stay well!!

You know I have been thinking about how incredible God is and you know it might be pretty cool to just share how awesome He is to you and what He has done in you lately!! So leave me a comment and let me know what He's been doing in your life!!

Lately He has just really helped me see how far I have come and that I never want to go back!! Read my testimony on the New Life Women's Website @ under Life Lessons page! Anyway I am thankful for my God, who loves me and provides for me all the things I need and then some!! I am thankful for the family and friends He has given me and for the places He has brought me from and the places He has promised me He will take me!! I love my God!!

I am looking forward to hearing what God is doing in your life!!



Amber Sheree said...

Hey chick. I just wanted to say hey and tell you that I think you rock. I hope you get to feeling better and I'm more than feeling your pain. I almost had to leave church last night during worship it was so bad. anyways I will be praying for you and i love you. You're awesome. ~Amber Sheree

kellie norris said...

Hey tabbie!
i love you and just want you to know that!
you always know just what to say when i am sad or whatever!
i love and appreciate you more than you will ever know!
never stop being who you are!
i will pray you feel better. the birthday girl cannot be feeling bad! :)
well, i love you!

Lydia said...


You have really come a long way since high school. I am so proud of you. You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for all you do! Love, Lyd