Monday, April 11, 2005


Oh my goodness, Friday night my family threw me a surprise birthday party! Wow, it was the greatest party ever!! Most everyone I love was there and some of the kids were there and we played Children's Church games and oh wow, it was just so fun!!! I had the best time and it touched my heart so much!!! There were a few people who couldn't make it and it made me really sad, but on the whole it was incredible!! My friend Kellie came from Mobile, I had no idea she was coming!! It was so funny cause they put her in the big ole box, bless her heart, and when she popped up I about pottied on my self!! It was so cool though!! She stayed the weekend with us and I loved having her there!! Neecie and Kellie and I went shopping on Saturday and had lunch in the sun and just had such a wonderful weekend!! I mean, it all just touched my heart so much!! I felt so loved and I just thanked God all the rest of the weekend for all those who came and showed me they care!! It was almost overwhelming to have them all in the same room and know that they came for me. Not that I mean to be big headed at all, just that was just so wonderful and a first for me!! Thank you to all who came, it really meant more to me that you know. I love every single thing I got, and I loved having every single one of you there. It was very special to me!! And Thank you Neecie and Dad for planning it and getting it all together, I know it was no small feet!! You guys are so wonderful to me and I love you very much and I really just had the best weekend ever!!! Thanks again to everyone for making this the best magic birthday ever!! I love you all!!

Please don't forget to leave your comments when you read this. It's no fun to have a blog with no comments from your friends!! I love you all!!


Becky said...

I am soo glad you had a great time. And I know I was one of those people that couldn't be there but I was hoping it went awesome!!! I was wanting to let you know ahead of time but hello...suprise party so i couldn't. but How awesome is it that your birthday can stretch the whole month. And I am glad a suprise party for you finally worked, lol!!!!!!!!!!! remember that? lol. But anyhoo, I love you and miss you leaving no toilet paper left in the bathroom. But I know you you don't miss my quirks. But i love you and hope you are feeling better and having a great day!! And thanks for sticking w/ me through this crazy time of my life. We just always stick together.

kellie norris said...

Hey Hey Hey!
what is up?
i loved coming girl, and i would so come back if gas wasnt like a million dollars a gallon....
i love you and am so glad you enjoyed the weekend.
the lunch in the sun was prolly one of my fav parts also.. except mudding....jk!
well, i love you

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad your birthday party made you so happy! We loved being there and loved seeing you have so much fun.

You are so special to all those around you and you are loved very much! God is really using you to touch many lives including mine!

Love you bunches!

neesie said...


I had a wonderful time too at your party! I am praying that this will be not just your magic birthday but a whold entire year of special moments and special days! I am thankful that God has chosen to share you with us! You have such a special place in our family. I love to see the way God touches lives through you.
Love you much!

Anonymous said...

Tabbie, Sorry I couldn't make it. I wanted to come but it was too late when I got off work.

I do love you and hope you have a great birthday..or should I say birthday month. you and sorry I couldn't make it.