Monday, October 10, 2005

Being Stirred
God's Word stirs me...I've just fininshed reading Esther and started reading Job...and today I realized how much God's Word stirs me...makes me think and look at myself to see if I am in check with the things I need to be doing and correcting...both Esther and Job are pretty amazing examples to us...Esther risked her on life to save her people...little did she know the plan God had in store for her...through reading Esther I noticed all the things God put in place to save his people...not all easy things for Esther either...but necessary to get her to the place God needed her to save the is just incredible to see...I see God's hand in my own life like that as well...not that I'll be queen and save an entire people..but God has had a hand in my whole life to bring me to where I am today and were I will be in the is amazing...and would only hope to be able to stand and worship and praise God like he does as things are taken away from him...he simply trusts not matter what...I have huge doubts in myself there...I mean if my entire family and fortune were taken away from me in one day...would I immediately turn and praise God...I pray I would...Job was incredibly faithful...incredibly sold out...incredibly willing to give it all back to God...sometimes I am not even willing to give God my day...I have only begun reading Job today...I have read it before but this time it I am looking within me to see if I have those same qualities...Christlike qualities...Christ was faithful even to death...would I be that faithful...I pray so...but again have some major doubts...not that I am asking to be tested at looking within to see how strong my faith is and allowing Job to encourage me there and learning from him...I love God's stirs me!! Hope you'll let it stir you today!!!

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The1AndOnlyDANIELLE! said...

Dude Im reading Job! See its because we are cool...chello. Just saying howdy!