Friday, October 07, 2005

Hola...ok well I went back on what I said...I got another far it has already been much better than the last new kitty is a boy...he has a bobbed tail...he is orange...and his name is Tater...he is the sweetest and funniest kitty ever...I love him...I have had him since Tuesday already I've had him longer than the last one by a couple hours...ha...well this week has been good...I have been reading in the book of Esther...there are several things that stood out to me...first was that Esther was willing to give up her life for her people...the second was that the King couldnt sleep so he had the journals read to him...that was so totally God that he couldnt sleep and because of that he found out about Mordecai...and it was interesting that Haman did not get away with the evil he was planning...but it was turned back on him...and it was so God that turned it was just cool to read the story and see how God was looking out and putting little things in place just in time to stop the evil from just never know when those little things are things that God has put there to keep you safe and protect a cool story...of God's faithfullness to us...and an encouraging story of how we can be Mordecai told Esther in chapter 4 the end of verse 14 from the Message Bible..."Who knows? Maybe you were made queen for such a time as this." Who knows maybe we are where we are for such a time as would do me good at work to keep that in mind...really a revelation all of a sudden...thanks you know God is so good...and my most favorite thing is to be used by Him...well bon voyage for a wonderful weekend planned...Jen and Jason are coming over tonight...Mom is coming over tomorrow morning with Jacob my little fatboy...and Saturday night I'm headed to hang with my other family and Sunday is pastor appreciation YES...and Sunday night we are going to the movies as a family...I hope we get to see Flightplan...have a good one...lata gata!!!

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