Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wahoo...just got back from walking with the ladies at lunch...we walked hard and I feel great...I am ready to do it again tomorrow...lets go...I want to be in shape and loose weight...I really feel great...I have lots of energy right now...well still reading in Job...I am loving is good to know that he is so brutally honest with is REFRESHING to me...and I'm loving that his friends are there and they are not allowing him to slip too far into self pity...they are fussing back and forth but they are there for him and trying to turn his eyes back to God...we'll see how it all turns out though...I know I have read this book before but I dont really remember it so its like all new to me...I like it...I like it alot...I like knowing there is someone who will show me the ugly when I cant see it and show me when I am wrong or going in the wrong direction...I always pray that I will be receptive to that...well anyway...I had better put all this energy to good use and get some work knocked out...lata!!


CarrieQ-B said...

love you tab...thanks for always being an encouragement to me!!!

jen said...

hey! Love ya tabbie. Haven't read in a while. I think I just forgot about the blogs!! :) have a fun day and maybe you can walk again!

Becky said...

Hola! I am posting. Sorry I haven't in a while. Glad you got to walk. I got even fatter today at lunch. It was pattys bday here so we eat all day. Its a great way to celebrate. And at lunch we went to Applebees and lance paid for all of it! Even better-Free Food! I have had a crazy week and be glad to rest but don't see that happening soon. Hope your weekend is great! Holler at me! beck