Thursday, January 26, 2006

I need a little moment to vent some of this fire in my belly…wow…God I don’t want to walk in sin with this…I know it would be easy to judge there…Father I need you to help me put this into perspective…its not a new battle…its not something I have come up with brand new…its an existing fight…not one that no one has ever noticed or tried to win…me and my narrow minded thinking…help me to see that, help me to not go overboard with this…help me to do with it what YOU would have me do with it…help me to have balance and know where my boundaries are…that way I do not hurt others…balance…control...not the bad kind…lol…Father I feel like there is much to learn here…help me see and be open and listen to You and obey you…right now this is consuming me…I am burning for it…I am passionate about it…and I don’t wan to loose that passion…but I want to be able to have a clear mind and put it into perspective…there are so many places I need balance…but I’m not going there today either…one day at a time…today Father help me to hear YOUR voice and know YOUR will and know YOUR way…help me to see and understand the things that YOU would have me see and understand in this…Father I need you and I need to be in prayer to you everyday…seeking guidance and wisdom for myself and others…help me to find the permanent discipline I need to stay in your WORD and to daily converse with You and be in constant communion with You…Father there are many desires…help me today to calm down and begin to find balance and perspective…I need you…In Jesus name I ask these things! Amen!


neesie said...


Passion is a wonderful gift from God. Passion creates ministry and touches lives. I am glad His passion is burning in you and shapeing you so you can pour into others as they need. I am thankful you see and want to act. I am thankful that you know there must be balance in passion for others to be able to understand and to follow. You hear His voice because it says the sheep know the shepherds voice. Walk so close that you can hear the Shepherds heart beat.
Know you are loved

neesie said...

I am thankful for your passion. Passion creates ministry and touches hearts. I am glad that God has created a burning desire in you so you can pour into the lives of other people. I am thankful that you know that there must be balance. For people to understand, hear your passion and follow, it must be shared with love and grace. I am proud of you!
Know that you are love!