Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ø My Heavenly Father & His Love & Faithfulness

Ø My Wonderful, Incredible, Unbelievable Husband

Ø My Family & their love and support throughout the years

Ø Our Tater, he’s a sweet kitty and adds so much to our lives, he’s so darn cute

Ø Our jobs – they pay the bills

Ø The Beauty of our life…it’s not always Beautiful like we’d expect but it is indeed Beautiful

Ø That God is not done with us yet – He’s only just beginning

Ø That time is winding down as I am so Ready to get started on this journey

Ø That when things fall apart and we can no longer control them God simply says FINALLY now I can do what I’ve been trying to do all along

Ø For moments that sustain us

Ø For encouragement

Ø For Sunshine

Ø For the Thankfulness I feel in my heart

Ø For the realization that we are truly Blessed with so much

Ø For the ability to run & for a hubby to run with

Ø For my marriage – I waited so long and wondered if it would ever really come – It came & I love every minute of it – God is SO faithful

Ø For Prayer – It shakes foundations – it too is BEAUTIFUL

Ø For a church body that has taught me SO much

Ø For our home & how good it feels to be there

Ø For friends who I can pick right back up with where we left off as we all have busy lives and we all understand that

Ø For our new sofa & chair – they are just what we were looking for & we were so Blessed to find at such a Steal

Ø For the way God works things out because He can see the bigger picture & I cannot

Ø That I can give HIM all of my concerns and anxieties and He will work them out & I will be surprised at how He does it & I will feel silly for spending too much time being anxious over it

Ø Many many other things i.e. grocery shopping, freshly washed laundry, a clean house, Strawberry candles, a back door that is functional, DVR, wireless internet, journals, a rounded shower curtain rod, and just many many more.

Today I am just really Thankful. Thank You Faithful Heavenly Father!

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