Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend Review:


We went to Hallmark to get a few gifts for sweet people who helped with our wedding. Terribly & Embarrassingly late gifts. But better late than never!!

We ate at Moe’s which I never liked before but have begun to love!

We went grocery shopping – which is one of my favorite things to do!!

We can home and put away groceries & then changed into our running gear and hit the track for a great 2 ¼ mile run!


I got up and studied for Sunday School. We learned about being “Living Sacrifices”.

I worked on wrapping gifts and writing Thank you notes to go with them.

When Mr. Wonderful woke up we cleaned out our clothes closets and the hall closet. I felt so accomplished!

We headed out to run errands: Mr. Wonderful dropped me off to get a much needed long past due hair cut. A new look! He headed off to return a shirt at Kohl’s, clean the car, and have the windshield filled (a rock hit it last week and made a pit), and to fill the car up with gas.

We headed back home to get ready for an evening of Baseball and Mr. Wonderful’s college friends. We lost the game but got to hang out with fun people and see fireworks.

We were supposed to run when we got home but it was way past my bedtime so we just went to bed.


We headed to church where I gave one gift away first thing. I taught my sweet preteen kiddos about being Living Sacrifices while Mr. Wonderful when to his Sunday school class where they are doing the book “Crazy Love”.

We were both in big church this week so we worshipped with the adults. Sadly I had the beginnings of a headache and did not enjoy holding my head up for the sermon but it was still good.

We had a nice Mexican lunch with my brother before heading home for a much needed nap! I was pooped and had a nasty headache.

Woke up late for small group but went anyway. We were the only ones to show (our group is struggling a bit), but we had fun playing Mexican train dominoes!

Went by my parents to drop off some clothes we borrowed on Easter and visited with My Neesie for a few minutes.

Then we headed home and ran a mile before bed.

That was our weekend start to finish! It was a very nice weekend aside from the nasty headache I had yesterday! It’s nice to have clean closets and a clean car! Lot’s more cleaning and reorganizing to come in the near future :D!!

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JMBMOMMY said...

Wow, I am tired now. :) Crazy Love is one of my fav books.