Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So can't believe I'm admitting to this...

Apparently I really AM a Fainter.

The first episode happened while running in April in the early AM. I passed out cold and continued to pass out over and over. Hubby took me to the hospital and all my tests came back normal so the next day I went to the cardiologist who told me I am a Fainter. WHAT??? NO MA'AM I SURE AM NOT. THAT IS RIDICULOUS.

Since then I have continued to believe it is RIDICULOUS and even after admitting it is true I still fell like it is Ridiculous.

This is how the cardiologist explained it...
When an episode is triggered all the blood flows out of my heart and into my "gut". Which of course causes me to pass out. When I lay down the blood slowly is able to return to my heart. But if I stand up right away the same thing will happen again. When I feel this happening I am to lay down and squeeze my butt cheeks, which accelerates the blood returning to my heart.

I do not know what the trigger was the first time it happened in April (there might have been one time before that in Khols over two years ago where I collapsed to the floor so that may have technically been the first episode...ugh...ridiculous!!) but I do know the trigger of my latest episode.

Donating Plasma and then doing anything other than simply walking. I mean just coming up the stairs to my apartment warrants some time resting.

So on to what happened today...It was quite a busy day...let me give you the complete run down.

Class at 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 all in the same classroom but with two different professors. Chapel at 10:30. Then I leave school and head home for less than an hour before heading to pick up my hubby from work. Bring him home and while he is taking a super quick shower I make him a sandwich. We then rush out the door and I drop him off at his class and head to donate plasma.

Donating plasma has been a wonderful way to give back to the community and make a little extra money as well. Donating was very unpleasant today. I had not drank enough water so it was a bit painful and VERY VERY SLOW. If you drink a lot of water it makes the whole process run much much smoother and faster.

So when I finally finished donating I had only about 40 minutes before I needed to clock in at work. I headed to McDonald's to grab a large water and sandwich to replenish myself after donating and had a few minutes to chill in the car before heading into work.

I was at work about 35 minutes and was working diligently on the boys denim wall at Old Navy, I had taken about two trips up the ladder with a couple stacks of denim when I started to feel funny. I sat down on the ladder to rest and regroup and this is what went down...

I immediately began to pour sweat and everything started going white. I quickly made my way to the bathroom knowing what I really needed was to lay down. I was not going to lay down in the bathroom but I was hoping sitting and putting water on my face would help. It did not. I ended up collapsing in the bathroom, but I did not pass out. I knew I needed to lay back and let the blood pump back up to my heart. I knew I had to get out of the bathroom and find somewhere to lay down for a bit. Thankfully the bathrooms are right at the fitting rooms so I picked a fitting room and closed the door and laid down.

I did begin to feel better and thought that maybe if I did not do anything else strenuous I would be alright. So I got up and went back tot he back room and got some water and then went back to the denim wall. I no more than got back to the denim wall than I felt like I was going down again. I made my way quickly back to the fitting room again as I did not want to pass out in the store or in front of anyone. I laid back down and realized I would not be able to stay at work.

I the began to realized the timing and process of what was happening...I can't stand up for more than 10 minutes before I begin to feel "woozy" from that point I have about 5 minutes before I collapse. Realizing this helps me to be able to keep from making a scene.

So after laying down for a bit I quickly made my way to the back room hoping to find a manager. No one was there so I grabbed my phone out of my locker and sent a text to my hubby telling him what was happening and to come get me. I knew then I had a few minutes to find the manager let them know what was happening and lay back down before collapsing. Once I found my manager at the front of the store and relayed what was happening in short in I don't feel good feeling sort of faint...she said I needed to clock out before going back to the fitting room to lay back down. That was cutting my time short so I hurried back to the back room and clocked out near tears knowing we need those hours and grabbed my purse from my locker. Made my way back to the fitting room to lay back down. Got there just in time before I collapsed again.

Hubby arrived and we made quick work of walking me to the car. I almost collapsed right at the car. And because the car seat doesn't lean all the way back by the time we got home I felt faint again so getting me up the stairs was mostly my hubby holding me up by my belt loops. I sat down immediately while he unlocked the door and I felt miserable. I then laid on the couch and did not move for several hours and now am able to sit up and stand again. I have a headache and am very very tired from the episode but over all am much better.

I still feel like this is the most ridiculous thing EVER!! But at least I know the triggers and timing and I can manage it until we get good insurance again and can get this taken care of. I will probably have to take some sort of medication.

So I guess I now have to officially admit that I am a fainter...UGH...I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I HATE THIS AND HOW RIDICULOUS I THINK THIS IS!!!

I am so thankful for a hubby who rescues me when this happens and forces me to squeeze my butt cheeks and for a family that prays.

I know God will work out the missed hours!

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