Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Review:

We were ready ready ready for the weekend...

Friday night:
*we both worked until 10
*went home and changed
*went to eat at Ziggy's
*home to veg

*slept in until 10
*hubby worked 11-3
*I vegged some, cleaned some, & got ready for work
*Hubby picked me up and took me to work
*I worked 4-10
*Hubby worked 5-10
*then we came home and I did a bit of studying before bed

*We ended up oversleeping and missed church
*We relaxed a bit and I did more psychology
*We headed to the library to get some things done and study study study
*Hubby had to go into work :(
*I Spent a wonderful evening with my new friend Holly getting to know each other and eating yummy spaghetti
*Hubby went to library to finish homework
*We relaxed and I studied some more

That is our weekend review.

Looking forward to a great week ahead. Busy Busy Busy Busy. Lots to do!!


Jen said...

You made a new friend? GREAT!! You were getting to know each other while eating yummy spaghetti??? What? I don't think so young lady, spaghetti is MY thing. So, did you put cheese on it? Hmmmm? Did you happen to talk about how much you love fall?

Welllllll...since I'm not there I GUESS it's okay for you to share a lovely spaghetti evening with someone other than me. Just don't tell me you two drank hot tea together. You didn't did you? Hahahaha Love you!

Tabbie:) said...

AAwww my Jenagin!!!

I did have spaghetti dinner with someone else & I did put cheese on it...but we didn't talk about fall or drink hot tea!!!

I love you and miss you!!!!!

I am ready for fall!!!!

Love you!!