Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weekly Facebook Status Update...

Sunday: "3 hour blind project begins...NOW!"

Monday: "Ate a superb steak dinner @ the dinning room table with my wonderful hubby! Now to study study before hubby's softball game! It has been a very nice day!"

Tuesday: "The devil is a butthole!"

Wednesday: "Thankful for LIFE today! Jesus paid your ransom, how are you honoring that today?"

Thursday: "Just had an attacker drill at school...NOONE in our class yelled SPARTANS & our attacker never had a chance! We were informed & ready though!"

Friday: "It's OCTOBER!!! My favorite month of the whole year!!! Fall & our Anniversary!! Wow how quickly time has gone!!!"

Saturday: "Why yes, yes Tater and I are snuggled up under my electric blanket on this lovely FALL day!!"

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