Sunday, October 10, 2010

Moving Forward...

Moving Forward

They sang this song in church this morning (Praise Assembly in MO) and I had such an emotional reaction to it.
First: It made me miss our home church (New Life AL) so much as this song was an anthem for our church for a while. As we sang it was hard to once again realize that we must move forward from our wonderful home church. Yes we will most certainly go back to visit, but it will be different.
Second: It made me think about how badly I do want to move forward. Move forward into a new year with my husband and for us to grow more and more every year. Move forward in school and toward the life that You, Father God, have called us to. As we approach our One Year Anniversary I cannot help but be emotional as I think about how Faithful God is and where we are now compared to where we began.

Several lines in the song just touch on where we are and what God is up to...

What a moment you have brought us to:
Springfield, Missouri from Columbiana, Alabama = Wow!
Full-time College students from Full-time workers = Wow!
One year of MARRIAGE = From Years of being single = Wow!

You have given us a second chance:
Wow! We were both lost. Very lost and you gave us second chances. Here we are literally following Jesus in Springfield. It was not easy to give our sins and old lives of darkness over to You Jesus and there are moments when it is not easy to continually give our lives over to you. But you have given us a second chance (and many other chances as well)! How faithful you are precious Jesus, Abba Father!

Surrender our lives to Christ...Moving moving forward:
We have surrendered our life to you Christ and we will keep moving forward!
Keep moving forward when we are exhausted, tired, stressed, scared, when we wanna just throw our hands up and give up because that just seems easier. We will keep moving forward, following you, growing in you, desiring more of you, applying your Word to our lives and allowing it to change us, we will move forward into the life that You have called us to, even if we are doing it alone.

All things are made new:
You made us new when we surrendered our lives to You Jesus and I am so very thankful for that. You continually make us new as we grow in you and allow your Word to change us and mold us into Your image!!
Change also makes things new, new city, new people, new church, new routine.
Change is not an easy thing but we will keep persevering so that our lives will indeed be DIFFERENT and be a Testament of YOUR LOVE JESUS!

I needed this emotional reaction today. And the encouragement from another Children's Pastor that followed this afternoon. To be re-fueled to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!

It is so beautiful to me that our Heavenly Father brings encouragement even when we didn't know we needed it!!

Father, You are so beautiful and loving and faithful!! I praise You for who you are!!! You are so beautiful and wonderful and I am so thankful to be a part of your kingdom and to get to do kingdom work. Right now I understand that for the most part that work is to STUDY and to gain all the knowledge that I possibly can so that you can use me in greater ways to touch the lives of your precious children in the near future. Father you are indeed amazing!!! Thank you for our second chance in this life to love you and serve you. Father I pray that YOUR Truth will sink deeper and deeper into our hearts and lives and be evident in all we do for the rest of our lives. Father I thank you for pushing us forward even when it is so incredibly hard. I thank you for sending encouragement at just the right times!! I thank you Father because you are wonderful and Holy and Worthy and I praise you tonight with all of my heart!! Thank you for Your Word!! May we have such a strong love and desire for your Word and may it transform our entire beings and lives forever. Thank you Father for bringing us together to walk this journey together with You. Lead us and guide us and change us and speak to our hearts and let us dear Father be all that you created us to be. In Jesus' precious name I pray. Amen.


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