Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving & Holidays in general will be drastically different for us this year as we will be here in Missouri far from home, family, and friends.

There are many emotions that come along with this. I know this is where we are supposed to be and that it takes sacrifice and that we will get to see our family and friends shortly after the holidays. But the thought of not seeing our family on the holidays is very saddening. I see all around us those who are excited about this time of year because they are getting to spend time with their families and be apart of their life long traditions and it makes it a bit harder for me.

However, I have given it over to God. I know this is where we are supposed to be and that it helps us to appreciate our times with families so much more. So when the day comes that we get to head home a few days after Christmas I will be beyond excited!! I have not seen my mom in over 6 months and I have never been this far away or spent this much time away from her.

I am excited that we will get to spend Thanksgiving Day with my brother Daniel. I am glad that we are here so that he is not alone on the holiday. I am also excited to have Christmas morning to ourselves this year as well. I think we will definitely be making that a tradition when we have children! (Which will be in a few years after we graduate!!)

So our Thanksgiving this year will consist of:

Thanksgiving Day:
Work from 6am-11am
Thanksgiving meal with Daniel (Turkey & Dressing from Cracker Barrel, Mac & Cheese, Green bean casserole, & I am not sure what else yet)
Work from 8pm-6am Friday morning

Black Friday:
Get off work at 6am
Chili/Iron Bowl Game @ 1:00 with Daniel and his girlfriend Chelsea
Back to work @ 11pm-7am Saturday morning

Get off work at 7am
Sleep & Relax the rest of the day
Maybe the Harry Potter movie & some School work!!

Worship service
Youth service

Back to school on Monday...ugh!! I am so so so ready for this semester to be DONE!!!

So that is our Thanksgiving this year. It will be different but it is where we are at and I really am okay about it!!
You know life changes, it doesn't stay the same, and God has us right where He wants us and that is the most incredible, Peaceful feeling.

Thank You Father for our lives that are submitted to You, Thank you for providing all things for us!! We love you and are most Thankful for YOU!!

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