Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our life these days..

Work work and more work...

We are both working at Old Navy and next week (Thanksgiving week) we both are scheduled to work around 40 hours and many of those will be over night hours. It should be an interesting week!!!

Studying...the semester is nearing it's end...PRAISE THE LORD!!! However, with the end of a semester comes lots of projects, papers, and reading to finish as well as lots of studying for exams. I honestly have no idea how I am going to find time to get everything done!! I cannot wait for Christmas break!!! I am looking forward to next semester thought because I should have less reading to complete!!

Church...we have made steps to become more involved and I think it makes both of us feel much better. We have turned in our forms for joining the Children's Ministry team for January, Hubby has been asked to be on the security team, and we went to our first youth service tonight. We do not plan to over commit, we know our limitations, unfortunately work will limit us the most, but it sure does feel good to be getting involved again. We do not do well to just sit on the pew. Although we have truly enjoyed this time of rest and being in the Word together in the sanctuary!!

We had a visit from my parents and two precious youth girls from our home church (Tay & Val) last weekend and that was really really wonderful!! It was so wonderful to be surrounded by those who love us!! It has been around six months since we have been surrounded by people who loves us. We will get to see Hubby's dad and family in a few weekend as we travel a few hours south to Tennessee to attend his cousin's wedding. It will be so good to see them, I know it have been really hard for Hubby not to get to see his dad!! We can't wait to get home around New Year's to see all of our family and friends too!!! The time is getting closer and the closer it gets the more excited I get!! It will be completely refreshing and rejuvenating for us I know!!

I am ready to get the house decorated for Christmas but Hubby wants to wait until after Thanksgiving. So I am honoring that and waiting patiently. That will be our tradition to put up Christmas the day or weekend after Thanksgiving!! The holidays will be hard for us this year, being away from our families will be truly tough, the many hours at work will however help to keep our minds off of it!! I do feel sad though that Neesie and Mom both will have no children home for Thanksgiving. I know that will be very difficult for them. I am praying that not only will God cover our hearts during the holidays aways but that He will also cover their hearts and all of our families hearts as we are away for the holidays!! We love and miss everyone so much and truly are excited to get home to visit!!

So I have been growing my hair out and let me just say that...IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY...I do not like having long hair it is too much work and I do not like it sitting on my neck. I cannot wait to cut it!! I hope to be able to do that soon!! I will have to post before and after pictures!

I have been drawing nearer to God again and that feels incredible!! It's all about making the time to spend with Him, in His presence and in His Word!! I just want to be consistent in that!!

I have also been spending a bit more time at the gym as well as many times that is the only way I can stay awake to read. So I go to the gym and get on the elliptical and read my school books or my bible. I am thankful for the double motivation to read and work out. I need both!! This is the heaviest I have ever been and it truly is getting very out of control, I need to get a handle on it now before I have to get myself on the biggest loser show to lose weight!! I do not want to see the scale at 200lbs and I am too close to that for comfort!! Speaking of comfort, nothing is comfortable at this weight except pj's and lounge wear!! And none of my dressier clothes fit so I live in jeans and t-shirts while out and pj's while at home. I know my sweet hubby gets tired of seeing the sloppy loungy me!! So I need to loose weight so that I can fit into some of my nicer outfits!!!

That is all of the catching up I have for now. I am going to go and snuggle with my Hubby and watch Narnia Prince Caspian.

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Lindsey said...

I enjoyed this post and catching up on your life friend!
I'm growing my hair out too and it's such a pain, ha!
Love ya friend!